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An MBA in Index Management !? Sensex at 20300 and Nifty at 6100 levels ~ near 2013 high

An MBA in Index Management !? Sensex at 20300 and Nifty at 6100 levels ~ near 2013 high

The Course will have many takers ! and some very experienced old hand faculty !

In 2013 till date the Intra day Sensex High was recorded on May 13,2013 when Sensex  reached 20443.62 but closed lower at 20224

We are close to recording a New Sensex High for 2013 ~ just under 150 points required ~ it’s a intra day job! ~ maybe today or this week !~ and we have more than five months yet to go in 2013 and General Elections then nearing

Looks like we’ll also top the All time High of  21206.77 in Jan 2008 which it came pretty close to in Nov 2010  ~ just 900 points required ~ that’s less than 4.5% ~ that’s a few weeks job !

😎  And this is Serious ! ~ So what will the MBA Curriculum be !? It’s got to be  Hand On Practical and  Definitely will include :

  • Regulatory Framework ~ Is there an effective one ? or does BSE stand for Become Surely Extinct  as it’s BOLT terminal will surely Strike you or NSE stand for ‘Nocked(k’s silent)  Surely Extinct  as it’s NOW Terminals surely are Time Bombs that one moment in Time will scream without warning ‘NOW!’ and blast or does SEBI stand for Systematic Elimination of Brokers & Investors !
  • Corporate Governance and why it should but does not matter ! ~ with Fantastic Real Life and Real Time Case Studies
  • Role of FIIs and their namesake Broking Houses in Index Management ~ and are these FIIs really Foreign Institutional Investors at all ! and do they stand for F…ing Indian Investors
  • How to Spot Liars  who bet on your Losing for their Winning !
  • How to Play Poker with a Straight Face
  • How to not just Survive but to create and sustain a winning streak in a Casino
  • When to and not to place additional weight on Fundamentals(Valuations of micros and macros) or Market (Sentiment & Momentum and who’s doing what and why) or Technical (Float,Liquidity & Positions) Factors
  • How and When to time leverage winning plays on the Indices
  • How are the Index Constituents and weightages decided and how to perfectly time to play them  
  • Major Players ~ Who should you Follow and when to UnFollow !
  • How and When to spot coded spot fixing and vested and deliberately misleading  advise on stock channels and research reports and do exactly the opposite
  • Why never to take PM and FM at Face Value ! ~ the former has an unassuring  silence that says  ‘I Dont Know’ or ‘Will Not Reveal’ as we have signed a Confidentiality Agreement with the FBI in USA and the Swiss Banks and the latter has an unassuring speak that makes excuses and tries to defend just about everything that is going wrong saying BJP is responsible and Government is considering additional Reforms !
  • How to build your Virtual & Physical Network  including which Websites and Social Media Forums you should be visiting regularly and when to simply eavesdrop and when to participate and interact in them and which  Seminars & Cafes and Clubs and Restaurants and Nightclubs you should frequent and keep your ears and eyes open and mouth shut ~ and not just in Mumbai  ~ and where also to plan your weekend breaks and holiday destinations ~ and when not to take your Spouse along !
  • Sources of Financing your Plays and when to go the whole Hog like George Soros did when he gave the go ahead to Stanley to bet the ‘Quantum’ House and successfully short the English Pound in the early 1990s

Those who pass with or without Distinction need not worry about Placement ~ their choice should be to become Entrepreneurs !

Cheers !


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