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An uplifting warm moment this morning….fleeting praise for daughter and a Lovely and Proud Moment for her Dad

An uplifting warm and inspiring moment this morning….fleeting praise for daughter and a Lovely and Proud Moment for her Dad 

Daughter’s ICSE Board Exams are currently on…this morning as I was driving her to School to appear for the Geography Paper,suddenly a window of a car on the far side winds down and I hear  “Gauravbhai,Hi ” and in the same breath he tells my daughter ” You Know you are my daughter’s Icon !…she’s in the 7th and in the u 14 Girls School Football team ”  

My Daughter Goalkeeper  at 16 is State u 19 Football Captain for the Schools Nationals and has also donned the India Colours when she was Vice Captain of the u 16 India Womens Football Team that played the FIFA World Cup Womens u 17 Asian Qualifiers

It was an interaction of just a few seconds as the traffic began moving but I’m sure my daughter’s Exam went of even better !…she inquired as to who was this gentleman and I told her he was a relatively young partner in a leading solicitors firm and was indeed a jolly and friendly fellow…he had two daughters and both were in the same school as her…a few years ago he had come across to meet me,without any appointment and  just for a cup of tea and hugged me ….said that his daughters were very young and quite naughty and independent minded in school…I had advised him to let them be and they would grow up to be fine young girls who could think and reason out for themselves…as parents our role is to guide them and see they imbibe the right values while allowing them to develop their strength of Mind 

I asked my daughter to imagine how Sporting Celebrities and Icons like Sachin Tendulkar feel on receiving adulation and praise from hundreds of thousands   for their achievements and how they single handedly must be inspiring many to take up the sport…..just as in her own way my daughter,without really realising this, must have inspired several young girls to take up Football and has become a role model and icon for them over the past few years….She is also an Honours Student and at her Open Day in School last year,her teachers had told us and her that she is regarded as a role model for other students and it is a big responsibility that her shoulders were carrying….and her humility gave her the strength to do so…and she should see that she retains this attribute …Parents of other students too have been kind in their appreciation with one of them saying that she inspired him and was his Role Model,let alone that of his daughter !  

Later when I asked my daughter as to whether she must have crossed 100 Medals and Trophies won over the last ten years in Football and Gymnastics and several other Sports and extra curricular Activities,here’s what her quick and wise reply was

 ” Dad,you told me never to count the Rotis while eating them !”   

Yes I did Child,so you enjoy the meal without being bothered about Numbers  ….and  never become complacent or rest on past laurels

…and Daughter,you have been showered with countless Blessings and God is with you as you continue on this beautiful journey…savouring the good moments of success and victory…while taking failures in your strides and learning from them…you are a Leader and you will continue to make a Difference

God Bless You


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