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Announcing TAP GAP….Answer an Equity Poser by GAP…Win a Gauravblog Hamper !…Cheers !

WIN A GAURAVBLOG HAMPER…Announcing TAP GAP …your response could win you one

Hey !…..I’m simply delighted to announce TAP GAP …..will pose a Scrip Teaser or an Investment Situation to tackle…all you have to do is respond

TAP GAP will appear as a seperate Category and I’ve also asked my Team to feature it distinctly on the Top so it instantly hits your Eye when you visit 

The Winning Response

The Winning Response as picked by me will get a Gauravblog Hamper…..Let it be a surprise what’s in it !…if it’s as simple as TAPping my MInd to guess the Scrip on it the first response which gets it correct will be the Winner….However where there is both Objective and Subjective Analysis involved,the most interesting ‘Mind Gums’ response will be picked by me as the Winner

I’m not going to have stringent rules here…but I do expect some response etiquette….not more than three responses for a specific poser on TAP GAP…not more than two guesses on each response…no arguments on the Winning response chosen by me….there could be a difference of opinion or a contrary view to the winning response picked by me…..but be a sport…that’s the idea !


And I’m delighted to announce that the First Gauravblog Hampers go out to Swaroop of  Bengaluru and Nitin Rao of Mumbai ….HIP ! HIP ! HURRAY !….. the former for querying me on Jubilant Industries and I liked it on review  and the latter for guessing Jubilant Industries as the other ‘J’ … Check out the responses in this Blog on March 11,2011

Two “J’s” you may get “J” of in the next year or two if you don’t own them !…one is Jaiprakash Associates at Rs 83/84…it’s in the Sensex and Nifty too

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Well done Swaroop and Nitin….Gauravblog Hampers will shortly be on their way to you

So all of you out there await my next Poser in TAP GAP and respond to it to have a Go at the Hamper !

Cheers !


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