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Anthropophagy…Came across this Killer ‘Cannibalism’ Word

Anthropophagy means Cannibalism !…Humans eating other Humans !….It a combination of two words….’Anthropos’ is Greek for Human Being and ‘Phagein’ means to eat

It is also practised widely on all Stock Exchanges around the Globe

It’s does not feature in the Oxford English Minidictionary…came across it in the ‘Open Space’ Segment,Page 24 of today’s Times of India Sunday Mumbai Edition

Years ago,when my family and I had visited the Andaman & Nicobar Islands,we were warned that there were some islands inhabited by indigenous tribes who would not allow us near their island…would shoot poisonous arrows at us if we tried…and were known to practice Cannibalism !….No wonder we just visted only the Capital,Port Blair

But we did enjoy one unplanned privilege…we had gone by Ship and Captain Kavina of the ‘Nan Cowry’ arranged for us to go by Motor Boat, from his ship anchored a km or two away,to Bar Nicobar…It’s the central island of Nicobar Islands and has a dense Jungle infested with Pythons,around which runs a circular road at the periphery…There are Seventeen small Villages around this jungle periphery and we visted the Chieftain who ruled over of all of them…What a sight ! Obesity and he were friends…. and except for a skirt made from Feathers and Thick Grass he would have been naked…He wore a Crown made of Feathers too….He was sitting on a Cot and was being fed his lunch by several women who were hovering around him…What a Life ! …Our Lunch was a Picnic Hamper…so very thoughtful of the Captain…he had put in a few Beer too !…we had it on one of the secluded beaches on Bar Nicobar…for the record,all beaches on Bar Nicobar are secluded !…No fear of Anthropophagy on this Island…but Pythons are known to gobble humans whole !   



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