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Arre ‘Baba’…tu kya kar raha hai!

A Day & Night in the Life of a Naughty & Navtanki “Baba”

Discourse by day…… Intercourse by night 

Healing the masses by day…. Feeling the masses by night 

Sandal wood (chandan) by day….. Tiger Woods by night 

Missionary by day…. Missionary (ahem!) by night 

Spiritual by day…. Spirited by night 

Baba by day….. Black sheep by night 

Bead-ing by day….. Bedding by night 

Swamy by day….. Slimy by night 

Renounce by day….. Pounce by night 

Lecture by day….. Lecher by night 

Din mei jogi….. Raat mei “bhogi 

(Thanks Atul for this chuckling and witty take on our naughty and navtanki ‘baba’….no doubt inspired by recent happenings…I’ve categorised this also in ‘Investor Mistakes’ for those who support and patronize such ‘babas’ financially !)


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