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At Current 18000 Levels our Sensex is like a Strapless Bra……..!

At current 18000 Levels Our Sensex is like a Strapless Bra !

Half of us are wondering what’s holding it up !

And the Other Half are waiting for it to drop so that they can grab the Opportunity with Both Hands !

…and my ‘naughty at forty’ friends assert that they are part of the second half !

Me ?…am part of both half’s !

…and if you’re going to accuse me of being a Sexist…well,that’s a risk one takes on a Sen-Sex View ! 

Cheers !


7 thoughts on “At Current 18000 Levels our Sensex is like a Strapless Bra……..!”

  1. Swaroop…there does exist a very high probability that I was subconsciously (perhaps consciously !…the debate is yet on….)inspired by the ‘Lovable’ name of the IPO you refer too to describe our Sensex as a strapless ‘Lingerie’ Inner garment that I refer to !…livens up our Markets !…..Cheers !

  2. Hmm as we are using metaphors i’m reminded of LSD (Love Sex Dhoka).
    Love(able) (everybody thinks Lovable Lingerine is gonna be the next Page Industries) & everyone loves the Sensex (except maybe bears!), Sex could be analogy to Sensex/Lovable Lingerine & our delusion that it will keep moving up just like our obsession with sex & lastly Dhoka- Sensex & Lovable Lingerine both are gonna crash & lead to Heart burn , hence Love,(Sen)Sex, Dhoka in that order!!!
    P.S Lingerine is Lovable but Lovable Lingerine gets no Love(money) from me!!

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