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Australia (127 & 381) beat Pakistan (333 & 139) to take a winning 2-0 lead in the Cricket Test Series down Under…Miracle or Mediated!?

Would you believe it!?….On the verge of a historic Test Win Down Under,Pakistan actually lost to Australia !

Trailing 206 runs in the first Innings,only a Miracle could have saved Australia….Pakistan had to capitulate in their second innings just like Australia did in their First….and guess what !? The Miracle happens !? Pakistan did !

Look at the scores….Australia 127 and 381 and Pakistan is a virtual reversal of this… 333 and 139

Now ! Now !….Miracle or some Mediation !?

Such ‘Miracles’ are happening too frequently raising issues of Cricket’s Credibility….turns you off this Sport

and a last point….In such situations I simply abhor the sweet commentary and write ups in the media on how such a ‘Miracle’ happened !…really do !….are we suckers or what !…and mind you,I do believe in Miracles !…but only when God ‘fixes’ them !





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