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Bahrain was my home for three lovely years in the mid 1980s….sad to see the current turmoil

I’ve spend three lovely cosmopolitan years in the small Middle East Islamic State of Bahrain in the mid 1980s when I was single and burning the midnight oil with one of the Big Four Auditing and Consultancy Firms in the World……have visited a few times since returning too

….. lovely memories and lovely friends

….. am sad to see the political and religious ideological differences  intensifying and unsettling this beautiful country….seems the wave to usher in more democratic reforms in Islamic Countries in the MENA Region  is unrelenting…Tunisia,Yemen,Egypt,Libya,Bahrain…..the mood is “It’s Now or Never !” as Protestors battle or win over Army and Police too….and rulers regimes are under threat of survival

….hope and pray that wiser sense prevails with all and a peaceful and fair solution emerges…the last time Bahrain was in the thick of things was in the Gulf War when Iraq invaded Kuwait and the US Forces commenced Desert Storm…US has a naval presence in Bahrain and it is an R & R base too for the US Seamen

… friends have conveyed that they are all alright in Bahrain…..but was watching live pics on CNN just now and the main Manama thoroughfares and Pearl Roundabout are thronging with thousands of Protestors….the protests and tension has escalated because a young Bahraini fisherman was shot dead in the protests a few days ago and he has been made a martyr with thousands attending his funeral….my eyes mositened when I looked into the innocent eyes of his very young son at the funeral….More sad when Death is not natural ! 

…..Hope Life gets back to Normal soon in Bahrain


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