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Bangalore or Bumbai ! ~ oof ! these Babus & Legislators

Bangalore or Bumbai ! ~ oof ! these Babus & Legislators

Just back from Bangalore or should I say Bengaluru….where this time I experienced worse traffic than ever before…and there too the Rains have been elusive in June though the weather is far more cooler than Mumbai

Was amused to see a Karnataka Legislative Assembly Green Tagged Honda CRV with Driver and a Full Family in it….Austerity is only for the Masses while for Legislators gas guzzling CRVs are alright !

Then at Mumbai Airport was awaiting my car and noticed this Bureaucrat’s Official Car parked quite brazenly just outside the Arrival for a long time with the driver hovering around it…where over five minutes would invite car parking charges

Special Privileges ~ some official and some not, but taken for granted ~ for the Babus and those Elected to Legislate !…. while Masses are subject to Rules & Regulations or else Bribes !

Is it just a coincidence that Both States Karnataka & Maharashtra are currently headed by Congress Chief Ministers !?

Have tagged this post also in ‘Chuckle’ but there’s little to chuckle on this !


2 thoughts on “Bangalore or Bumbai ! ~ oof ! these Babus & Legislators”

  1. Gaurav Parikh

    “Haha Shetty ! ,As Arnab Goswami would say ” Let’s not politicise this !”…just a coincidence I think….

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