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BCCI & IPL~Both a Farce & have to Go if Cricket has to Live!

BCCI & IPL~Both a Farce & have to Go if Cricket has to Live!

Make no Mistake ! I’ve been Cricket Crazy and an Addict of the game since the time I was born! and have overlooked many sporadic instances of Fixing in the past few decades until IPL was conceived!

In 2008/9 I must have been one of a minority in this cricket crazy nation who had predicted how IPL will mess up cricket big time

I was right

Of course Cricket needs to be entertaining to flourish but when it becomes just one big IPL ‘Tamasha’ it ceases to be Cricket

The Money  in the Game has become  Obscene &  this has made Many Obscene ~ Cricketing Countries & their Legends of the Game have bowed to BCCI putting ‘Paisa’ before ‘Pride’  supposedly in the interest of globalising the game….for that matter even those who formed and played in a IPL rival league in India have been gained over!


If Cricket has to win then both BCCI and IPL have to go ! ~ We all know this ! but we also know this will not happen!

The rot runs right from the Top and how can even the Supreme Court expect that they clean up their Act! ~ you’re asking the people who have done it to catch those who have done it or see it’s not done again!

While all are going gaga over Justice Lodha’s Verdict banning two IPL franchise owners(one pretends he isn’t) for life and suspending their two teams for two years,I’m shocked that the Verdict did not throw both teams out for good and instructed to investigate all  involved,especially players,of these franchises.

When the Apex Court sits on judgement on the bigger issues in Cricket,I hope  they will order that BCCI be dissolved by the Government and a new Cricketing Body be formed with Politicians & even those legendary and other cricketers currently on BCCI payrolls as coaches and consultants and commentators who have shamelessly kept quiet on all wrongdoings be kept out completely from the Administration of the Game….and stop worshiping such ex players as God! 

Wishful thinking as Politicians across Parties today rule  BCCI and the State Cricketing Bodies

Looks like every Cricket Game I do see will be ‘Fixed’ Eyes ~ Guilty till proven Innocent ! …you may well ask then why see it!…Yet need to get fully deaddicted from the game but should get there soon if matters continue like they do…..but one thing i can definitely do is to stop viewing and listening to  the vested ‘Sicko’ Panelists who keep appearing ad nauseam on TV Debates defending the indefensible and believing themselves too !    

I’m just reiterating what I’ve always held through the years and expressed in past blogposts some of which are linked below

Wednesday Morning ~ Sombre Thoughts on 26/11 & Dangers of Cricket

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014


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