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BCCI is Mindless ! ~ allowing and in fact ensuring Indian Cricketers succumb to Mind Games in International Matches even at Home in India!

BCCI is Mindless !  ~ allowing and in fact ensuring Indian Cricketers succumb to Mind Games in International Matches even at Home in India!

We lost away in England and Australia ~ in fact got thrashed !

We lost to England at Home  !

And Now we have lost to Pakistan at Home ! ~ Disastrous Batting and Not Penetrative enough Bowling ~ except for some stray performances !

All under Captain Dhoni and BCCI !

Sehwag takes the Catch in slips aff a Jadeja Ball and Wk Capt Dhoni runs off to celebrate with Jadeja ignoring Sehwag !…

…….and they call it the Dressing Room Divide !

The Divide  has been created by BCCI and Dhoni ~ a Superstar who’s unable to command respect from other superstars !

It’s all about Monies ! and the Arrogance and how Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely ! ~ you are in control to spend Billions of Dollars in the BCCI Kitty the way you want ! ~ why do you think top politicians head state cricketing bodies ! ~you create a hotbed concept like  IPL and run it like your fiefdom ~ This not only is corrupting young talent but also is affecting the game of  established Indian Cricketers who approach Test Matches and 50 overs ODIs with a T 20 mindset  and throw their wicket cheaply attempting uncalled for and rash strokes

I completely am in sync with the worry that  just retired Rahul Dravid voiced ” I’m more worried about the lack of Solid Batting Talent in India once the legendary powerhouses have all retired ! ~ Who will take their place !”

Who will indeed !

What can we do about it !

When Dhoni came onto the scene years ago in a fearless swashbuckling style with iconic long hair and helicopter strokes ,I became an Instant Fan ~ He deserved all the Adulation and Endorsements and Monies he made ~ but clearly the past few years all this has gone to his head and his game and captaincy has suffered ~ some of his on field strategies have been inexplicable ~ often a strong impression is felt that he simply does not care if we win or lose! ~ no fire in the belly ! no passion ! ~ that we saw in him when he burst onto the scene years ago ~ got him and Harbhajan Singh at the Town Hall Stamp Duty Office in Mumbai a few years ago registering property they had invested in now upscale Lower Parel area in Mumbai ~ Nothing wrong in such judicious Investments except that it creates an impression that riches from the Fat Fees from BCCI and State Bodies and IPL and ofcourse Big Endorsements and the hero worship by a cricket crazy nation has gone to their head and  led to complacency and underperformance  and taking their place for granted in the Team

Cricket is no longer a Gentlemen’s Game ! ~ The Patriotism,the Passion ,the Prestige to earn and own an India Cap…all diluted for ‘Paisa’ !

Sad ! Because Cricket was a my passion at one time ! played and captained the game at school,college and club high levels in the spirit it must be played ! ~ was a regular at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai and could sit out all five days of a Test Match dissecting the game ball by ball ~ even gave shadow running commentary ~ tend to do this even now while watching a live game on TV ~my son,whose cricketing acumen too is splendid,thinks I should have become a Cricket Commentator !

I have seen how BCCI and the Politicians who head it  destroy and corrupt the Cricketing Culture and Spirit over the Years ! ~ one only has to look at how the State Cricketing Bodies and & BCCI Elections are held to conclude the rot in the governing and administration of such a lovely game ~ Match Fixing , Nepostism and Favouritism with State Quotas,Arrogance of  Administrators & Selectors

BCCI wants to take credit for all wins ~ it must take the responsibility too for all loss !

And one last Thought ! ~ am disgusted how ex test cricketers ,many of them who are now commentators,keep dropping judgements and opinions and changing them the way the wind and BCCI blows ! ~ for fear of losing lucrative contracts and powerful committee posts

These are your Godfathers of Cricket in India ! ~ and I don’t mean this kindly ! ~ one was found with Foreign Currency stashed away in his Club Locker many years ago and a wife who was involved in shady Gold Coins Membership Drive ~ and one who loves the Good Life and who’s been questioned for involvement by Enforcement Directorate in Currency Violations in IPL  and who’s wife has left him !

It’s a Question  of Propriety  ~ If it is suspect in Personal Life how do you expect practicing it in Cricket !

Cricketing Administration needs to be overhauled completely ~ did you know BCCI is not really the Government of India ! ~ and so the Indian Team selected by them is technically not an India Team representing our Country ! ~ Imagine the Minister of Sports commenting that he cannot interfere in BCCI as it is an autonomous body !


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