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Beautiful Rain Swept Early Thursday Morning in Mumbai……..

Slept nice and warm after a superb Indian run chase of 290 against Australia in the Vizag Cricket ODI last evening….got up at 5.45 am to a lovely rain swept early Sai Baba Thursday morning in South Mumbai…..unseasonal showers…..cleansed everything…I mean everything….Sense the Sensex will rise today !…..believe me there is a positive corelation !

Just like there is positive corelation between Rain and Hunger !…so it seems…my squirrels,sparrows,pigeons and crows cleaned the platform faster than normal…..just put out some additional grain

So by this Logic there is positive corelation then between Sensex and Hunger !…Cheers ! 

Just returned after daughter’s football pool…..clicked the soothing and inspiring Marine Drive Sea and Malabar Hill Skyline View before 7 am this morning

….and it’s Diwali time again…and this is serious Chocolate Making Time for my wife….a passion that turned into a business…..up early and till late night everyday..for days…creating chocolate wonders with Real whole Roasted Almonds and Flavours of Rasperry,Strawberry,Orange,Butterscotch,Mint and Coffee…check out her site

Rain and hot ‘Bhajias’ and ‘Pakoras’ go together…wondering if the Stock Markets will offer me some ‘Bhajias’ today !…yesterday they gave me IDBI Bank !….for those unfamiliar with this local market lingo,it means quick and fast and very short term,even intra day, trading in and out for quick gains…normally harmless as one does it in small lots for the ‘bhajias’ or ‘gains’…..get the drift !  

…and now the Sun is out…..

Cheers !


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