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Beheading a Human is Barbaric and Inhuman !.Period.India needs to effectively and fast answer Pakistan !.Period.

I don’t care who is lying and engaging in falsehoods and propaganda ~ Pakistan or India ! ~  but Pakistani Soldiers violating a Ceasefire and entering our borders and Beheading Indian Jawans on Patrol is Barbarism of the worst kind ! and a serious and unacceptable breaking of the Geneva Convention

This is not Religion & This is not Human ! ~ Without any justifiable provocation Pakistan soldiers violating the ceasefire and  coming stealthily across the border using the deep forest mist as a cloak and beheading two patrolling Indian Jawans and carrying off back as a Trophy to their land one of the Heads ! ~ Which Holy Book prescribes this !? None ! ~ Indian Military Intelligence has even intercepted communications between Pakistan Soldiers celebrating this ! 

Tit for Tat would be the immediate response by most Indians for this provocation ~ but it is not the solution ~ it would literally blind both Nations ~ but to remain Civil in Uncivil Situations is a difficult proposition

What gives Pakistan the Bravado to Provoke & Lie to India and blatantly demonstrate how barbaric and inhuman some of them in the army really are ! is the fact that  they keep getting away with murder ! as India is pressurised by global powers USA and China to show restraint even after a cowardly 26/11 Terrorist attack on South Mumbai Shores a few years ago

Even today Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar provoked and mocked at India ~revealing her insensitivity and  arrogance saying that the anger of a billion Indians does not deserve a response !  ~ Throws a whole new twist to the perception that she is a Beauty with Brains !~  she is facing some hostility in her own nation for the alleged illicit affair she has had with Bilawal Bhutto

The Bigger Problem is we are dealing with a Terrified Pakistan that is being Talibanised ~ On one Hand we are dealing with Civilian People who wholeheartedly support ” Aman Ki Aasha”  spirit and endeavour with India and on the other   we are dealing with an Army which actually rules Pakistan with a Civilian Puppet Government in Place ~ an Army which is hell bent on  derailing any Peace Process and has many at the top in sync with the  Taliban  &  many enormously sympathetic and supportive of  Terrorist Outfits  LeT and it’s various versions led by India Hater and 26/11 Mumbai terrorist Attack Mastermind  Hafeez Saeed that they allow them to operate from within Pakistan ~ The Country is already in Anarchy ~ and this is the Real and Present Danger that India faces ! ~ A significant area of the nation is already under Taliban control and the Army is scared to enter it ! 

Of course Pakistan will deny everything ! ~ India has adopted as a policy ,perhaps it has little other option, to enter into a Dialogue with Pakistan and keep all communication channels open despite knowing that the 26/11 Terrorist Attack in Mumbai was State sponsored ~ and  why no headway is being made is because we are negotiating with a powerless civilian government who themselves are at loggerheads with their own powerful Army which is led  by many who have been responsible directly or indirectly for the attacks against India

India needs to protect it’s interests and borders first and now more than before needs  to Act fast to put Pakistan in their Place ! ~ so far it has observed great restraint under tacit US assurances of full support to bring  to book the 26/11 Perpetrators and Masterminds being sheltered by Pakistan ~ Pakistan refuses to accept the overwhelming evidence as standing up in their courts ! ~ that’s evidence enough of them defending the terrorists !

What is the deterrent is that both ,Pakistan and India have nuclear capabilities ~ China is an open and strategic supporter of Pakistan ~ USA stops short of calling Pakistan a Terrorist State as it has vested interests and needs Pakistan support to wipe out the Taliban and Al Quaida  ~ and a real danger is that Nuclear Capability may fall into the hands of the Taliban and Militant & Terror Forces ~ we have seen direct but unsuccessful attacks in Pakistan on nuclear facilities and arsenals in recent years ~ It’s a Horrific Thought if  a Nuclear Weapon becomes a Fanatic Religious Weapon    

And China is already flexing it’s muscles with India’s neighbours,Sri Lanka,Maldives,Myanmar,Pakistan….India is in the situation of getting boxed in and being isolated ~ USA is extracting it’s economic flesh for extending strong support to India to meet these challenges

I personally know a few influential Pakistani Civilian businessmen and they have come across as highly respectful ,civilised and fair human beings ~ One cannot,therefore, brand a whole Nation as Criminal and Crooked and full of Liars  and hold all responsible for the actions of a few political and army masters who call the shots and rule the country  ~ The tragedy is that even these civilians have been unable to influence those who rule the country to amicably conclude the Peace Process

The Problem has now gone way beyond the Kashmir Issue….India needs to close the Funding Tap to the Terrorists but unlike USA,it does not have the arm twisting muscle power to influence banks and sovereign nations who act as routing and facilitating accomplices……also Security Measures are not as tight and foolproof in India despite  assurances that our Home Minister  and PM keep giving  ~ we remain a vulnerable Nation ~ yet we cannot have a repeat of the Kandahar Hijack Hostage Situation where we relented and released top terrorists and militants in exchange for the lives of the Passengers on board the Indian Airlines Plane ~ these same terrorists are now mocking us

One more thought….we need to assign on Indo Pak Border Patrol Duty some of our leaders who think no end of themselves,like Congress verbal diahrroea  veteran, Mani Shankar Aiyar, who keeps ad nauseam asserting 

“….a continuous dialogue with Pakistan, on the grounds of foreign policy, so that we can solve our problems”

There is no danger of Mani Shankar Aiyar being beheaded !~One needs a Head for that ! ~ just heard him on a Live Debate on Headlines Today where he was opposing the Motion that Civil Opinion is the most important in promoting the Peace Process between India & Pakistan ~ he thinks only the Politicians can essay this role ! conceding of course that we elect these politicians and we have not done so wisely ! ~ his humour and dry wit and articulation may have got the suited and booted audience tittering but he was superficial and trivialising a serious issue  ~ he is the same man who when very drunk provoked Amar Singh to a fist fight in 200o at a Delhi Party hosted by Satish Gujral , with a despicable condescending taunt 

 `We belong to the Oxford and Cambridge set… your leader can’t even articulate himself in English… Oh that bloody Mulayam — he looks just like me. It could be because my father visited UP at some point. Why don’t you check with Mulayam’s mother’.

That Mani Shankar Aiyer has survived in Politics and is invited ad nauseam for TV Debates is  because of his close proximity and sychophancy to and of  the Gandhi Family and that  his taunting and derogatory and snide and personal remarks is sadly viewed as entertainment ! ~ on the Headlines Today Live Debate he taunted Kabir Bedi in his closing statement saying that Kabir was that sort of  man who would look in the mirror and say that his Mother was really lucky to have a son like him ! ~ this was completely uncalled for and not even relevant in the debate or a counter argument being presented for what Kabir had articulated ! ~ needless to say the TV audience tittered ! ~ Of course I have reservations of  the calibre and depth of Kabir Bedi too as a serious Thought Leader

On the same Live debate on Headlines Today I was more impressed by the rational thinking and depth of arguments of leading Pakistani Journalists the young Wajahat Khan and the elder Najam Sethi and their ex I & B Minister than the Indians Kabir Bedi , Shoma Chaudhari and Mani Shankar Iyer ~ The Debate was anchored by Minister of State,Shashi Tharoor

And on Times Now , Arnab Goswami made it a free for all on a Debate on this Issue this evening that one Pakistani retired General simply walked off the Air !

Short of actually going to War ,India needs to act fast against Pakistan ~ how?  ~we shall know soon !  ~I’m hopeful ! ~ if we don’t we need to change our Government fast ! ~ We cannot allow the Fire of Patriotism and Pride to be diminished or snuffed out by inaction ! ~Perceived as Puppet PMs in both nations,there is little they can achieve through dialogue when they have no control over the Action ! 

It’s a tough and strong call ~ but we are living in tough and testing times that threaten our survival as a sovereign democratic nation ! ~ we need to make that call as Delay is being mocked as Weakness……..and we cannot wait for another 26/11 to happen ! ~ we need to rally the Civilised World strongly behind us to support any Action that we might take 

…and as for the debate as whether one should mix Sports,Music and Culture with Politics,I reserve my Opinion on it ! ~ the reason is that one needs to revisit the Pakistan of today as suggested by the Pakistan ex I & B Minister on the TV Debate  ~ 24 by 7 they are addicted to Bollywood and Radio Pakistan played Ravi Shankar on his death last month ~ The ex Minister say that the perception that everyone has a militaristic mindset in Pakistan is a false one ~ Wajahat in fact was for the motion in the TV Debate and said that the Pakistan Media does not cow down to the Army or the State ~ and eventually the voice of civil society in Pakistan  will get stronger and throw out the likes of  Hafeez Saeed !  ~ Veteran Political Commentator Najam Sethi say that Pakistan Civil Society is yet evolving on the track of Democracy ,though not as strong as India but it will get there one day ~ The Civil Society in Pakistan is taking a stand and putting their Life on Line standing up against the State and Army on many Issues~ we need to recognise this courage and pray they get really influential enough to impact Pakistan’s Domestic & Foreign Policies

The Youth of both the Nations is the Future and they should not be brainwashed and ingrained with a 1947 Communal Divide Mindset that divided a nation and led to the Partition and Creation of Pakistan and the Wars that ensued of 1965 and 1971 and Kargil

Praying  for Love & Peace but first we need Pakistan to acknowledge and have the courage and conscience to apologise for the Beheading of the Indian Jawans  just  two days ago ! ~ Hope the Pakistan Civil Society can influence their Political & Army Masters to own up ! and name and bring to justice those Pakistan soldiers who did this ! ~ unless of course they ordered it !


2 thoughts on “Beheading a Human is Barbaric and Inhuman !.Period.India needs to effectively and fast answer Pakistan !.Period.”

  1. Very incisive and no holds barred analysis Sir. I specialise in the Healthcare sector. Can I find a place in your Equity Research team?

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