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Beware of Equity Advisors coming out likes worms in a rotten woodwork !

Economic Times has a very timely article in today’s edition warning Investors not to fall prey to a whole lot of Equity Advisors that have sprouted out like worms out of a rotting woodwork…Most of them are rackets…simply fradulent and serve vested interests…most lack depth,whatever their basis of advice may be…astrology,technicals or fundamentals

So beware of intra day calls and those multiple advisory sms’ that cannot be replied to or traced !

My email and my mobile is flooded with unsolicited Equity advice…one advises Intra day calls at just Rs 10 a day!…one gave a Diwali Tip to “buy Shree Ashthavinayak which will shoot up from  60 now to 150″…one provides ‘Live Tips’ !…like a ‘Live’ Counter at a Buffet!…one SMS suggests BTST ( Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) Mayur Uni with STL and intraday and next day targets !

Cheers to Economic Times for a timely warning on such advice and such advisors


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