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Blessed at the First Wednesday Novena of 2013 at St Michaels Church at Mahim in Mumbai

Birth of Infant Child Jesus depicted beautifully for the Christmas Season at St Michaels Church at Mahim, Mumbai well known for the Wednesday Novena

Wife and I enjoy all Religons and really feel Blessed ~ we do the first Nine Novenas of every New Year at St Michaels Church,Mahim,Mumbai

Wednesday is the Day for the Novena  and thousands of  people congregate at the Church for Novena Prayers &  Blessings ~ there are over Ten Novenas conducted right from early morning till late at night ~ Most are in English and some in several Indian languages with each lasting @ 30 minutes ~ 20 minutes of praying together and a ten minute sermon by the Father or Priest who leads the Novena Prayers ~  we participated in the English &  last one for the day that begins at 9.30 pm at night and came home feeling warm and blessed for 2013

In February 2010 I had blogged on a really Lovely Novena Sermon ~ Want to share it again with you’ll ~ Have a Read and you will feel warm from the inside on such lovely reflections….

What a lovely Novena sermon by Father George Athaide,last Wednesday at St Michaels Church,Mahim,Mumbai


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