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Blockbuster Recommendations HOV Services and Thinksoft Global give superb gains of 80% inside a month

Our Two Recent BlockBuster Recommendations to Clients that have zoomed fast giving unbelieveable gains to them inside days

 We have hit real paydirt with two of our Recent Recommendations ~ and both within a fortnight ! 

  1. Nearly 80% gains in just 5 Days ! when HOV Services at Rs 39 ,Our Scrip Scramble SS 2 Recommendation on October 28,2013 flew to Rs 70 inside five trading days before a bout of Profit Taking that has brought it down to Rs 60
  2. Over 80% gains on Thinksoft Global,first recommended as a SS 2 Scrip Select on October 10,2013 at Rs 118 and then repeated as one of the Ten SS Select Diwali Diyas at Rs 131 on October 20,2013…Just announced that SQS Software Quality Systems listed on AIM,LSE and the German Bourse is taking over the Company at Rs 260 per share through part stake of Promoters and an Open Offer to other shareholders The Share Price closed up 20% upper circuit on November 8,2013 at Rs 194 and today it’s up on upper circuit of 10% at Rs 213 as it moves towards Rs 260 ~ goans should exceed 100% inside a Month ! 
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