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Bombay or Mumbai…Chennai or Madras…Kolkata or Calcutta…Bengaluru or Bangalore…What’s in a Name !?…Lots,Really !

My Grandfather named me ‘Gaurav’ way back in 1962 when I was Born…My Name has been mauled several times since then ,even on Gender….’Gauri’,for instance !….shortened to ‘Gaur’,for another…no connection with JP Group Promoters….even Surname has been murdered to ‘Prik’ from ‘Parikh’ !…this was not deliberate,though some of you may chuckle it was !…even commonly to ‘Parekh’…no relation of Ketan Parekh !

So what’s in a Name !…Lots Really !

Mumbai is/was Bombay…Chennai is/was Madras….Kolkata is/was Calcutta….Bengaluru is/was Bangalore

Interestingly our Capital Delhi has remained Delhi while our  States assert their religious,cutural and historical identity by rechristening their towns and cities

So are you a MUMBAIkar or a BOMBAYite !

These Five remain clearly BOMBAYites !

  1. BOMBAY International School
  2. BOMBAY Scottish School
  3. BOMBAY Hospital
  4. BOMBAY Stock Exchange
  5. BOMBAY Gymkhana

Let’s melt the two and loudly and proudly sing, ” BAMBAI seh aya mera dost,doston salaam karo…raat koh khao piyo,diin koh aram karo !” 

…and may the MUMBAI Indians win the IPL 5 Cricket T 20  this year….Cheers !

What about the Towns and Cities that you’ll live in !?….have they been renamed ?…any known Instittutions,Entities,Schools,Clubs or Gymkhanas etc that yet retain the earlier name ?…I know MADRAS Gymkhana and MADRAS Club and even CALCUTTA CLUB yet do !


2 thoughts on “Bombay or Mumbai…Chennai or Madras…Kolkata or Calcutta…Bengaluru or Bangalore…What’s in a Name !?…Lots,Really !”

  1. I think the first major ones I remember were Baroda, Poona & Trivandrum. There’s actually a list of changed names on Wikipedia.

    Personally, I still say Bombay when speaking in English, Bambai in Hindi and Mumbai in Gujarati or Marathi.

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