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British Bank,Barclays says ‘No’ to it’s own Government but ‘Yes’ to Middle East Sovereign Funds for Equity Capital Infusion!

Just wondering !

Is it unpatriotic to seek Equity Capital Infusion from Ruler and Sovereign Funds of Abu Dhabi and Qatar and refuse help from your Own Government ?

Britain’s second biggest bank,Barclays is doing just this…It has turned down the UK Government for Funds Injection but is now set to dilute shareholding where Gulf Investors will own nearly a third of the Bank 

It is raising Sterling Pounds 7.38 billion (US $ 12.1Billion)…3.5 Billion Pounds will come from Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a member of Abu Dhabi’s Royal Family ,giving him a 16.3% stake while 2 Billion Pounds will come from Qatar Holding,giving them a 12.7 % stake

Barclays probably believes that it may not be able to tackle it’s own Government Interference as dexteriously as it would be able to handle High Stake Overseas Stakeholders…a belief that will surely be strongly tested in the times to come 

What an Irony ! The West welcomes Money from the East…but suspects it’s People…Money is the Great Leveller..It is everything !…or is it really !? 


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