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BSE is Always Fun & Titillating & Seducing & Colourful ! ~ Here is Latest Google Evidence !~ Now stop Chuckling !

BSE is always Seducing & Titillating !

I’ve always held that BSE is great Fun &  holds Colourful ‘Pretty Secrets’ that we strain to discover ! ~ It’s a Temptress ! ~ out to Entertain,Seduce and Titillate ! ~ One cannot Enter it and leave without being stripped Naked or Near Naked !

Google now provides you evidence of all of this from BSE post Closing near 4 pm Screen Shot yesterday as above !

‘Pretty Secrets’ Indeed !~What’s your favourite Colour !? Some prefer Black but  Mine is the Combination of Pink (Quite Obvious)and Green (All Clear Go!)

Who bothers about Valuations when Prices are Cheap ! 3 for Rs 598!

Surely it’s not about Maxing your Entertainment and Gains by buying 3 Shares at @ 5% discount of Max India quoted at Rs 209 !

Come on BSE ! ~ Is this a deliberate strategy to glamorise BSE and make it more exciting to attract more business by Inspiring Derivative Strategies and Stock Selection Decisions !? ….and has not your Independent Board and  your relatively new over paid Professionals who you brought in from the outside not noticed this !? ~ or it’s just easier to blame it on Google Ad ! ~ for your sake I just hope you don’t have a formal arrangement with them !

Wonder if  BSE Website Content comes under the Regulator SEBI’s Purview !?

Whatever ! ~ It’s more  fun Viewing  BSE Website Now for Ad Quotes not Stock Quotes !!!

…..and all of you have a Chuckling good Weekend ….Cheers !


5 thoughts on “BSE is Always Fun & Titillating & Seducing & Colourful ! ~ Here is Latest Google Evidence !~ Now stop Chuckling !”

  1. Sir,

    In same vain…..May be there are giving hints that once this liquidity driven rally is over,the investors will be left only with under garment….

  2. Not the BSE’s fault 🙂

    Google does behavioural targeting. Which means if one were to visit a site (say, a lingerie brand in your case), then be prepared to be chased by lingerie ads 🙂

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