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BSE Training Weekend Program….Interesting Mix of Participants….Enjoyed the interaction….slept in my Tie !

Conducted a two days Equity Training Program past weekend at the BSE Training Institute…Interesting mix of participants….from SEBI,Exchanges,Broking Houses,Youngsters from Top Schools & Colleges,Top Management from leading Corporates Houses in Logistics and Oil & Gas,Mutual Fund Houses….

….Interesting Interaction…. fair spread of the fair sex too made it interesting to pit how a Man thinks against how a Woman thinks in situational plays…..a lot of good humour too….one young lady was worried her fiance will slap her because she invested in Suzlon at Rs 80 and it’s now below Rs 50 !…any chance it will recover to Rs 80,she inquired !…her relationship was at stake !….ran through Live from the Net how to quickly and fundamentally assess Reliance Industries at Rs 962….raised possible Sensex Valuations going forward to 2012…check updated pages on the Blog on the Sensex….USA,PIIGS,India,China…..covered the economic crisis and impacts and risks…..favourable positioning of India…..covered ,albeit briefly,80 + companies as Possible Portfolio Selections based on Risk Profiles of the Participants….How Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch think……why Investors behave irrationally in given situations….great fun    

…..was on my feet from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm both days covering 17 exclusive presentations and situational plays with the participants…enjoyed all of it….but had to call my masseur early morning  to ease away the tiredness…and actually slept in my tie !

Hope we can now take this Program all over India

Cheers !


4 thoughts on “BSE Training Weekend Program….Interesting Mix of Participants….Enjoyed the interaction….slept in my Tie !”

  1. I am very much interested to participate in the training program. I am based in New York. Can you please explore the possibility of hosting a webinar? That will be so helpful for people like us.

  2. Dear Ravi…..It would be great to extend Training Reach through Web technology…..Costing,Time Zones,Transmission & Content and Delivery Quality and Format are involved here….am exploring this format….It has to be lively,meaningful and sustainable and win win for all…Cheers

  3. Hi,

    I would definitely like to attend this programme. I am based in New Delhi. Hope you would plan your next session out of the capital city.

  4. Hi
    I attended that program and i must say that was a fab….i really enjoyed and enriched my knowledge…..Thanks a Lot GP

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