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Care to Join for a Sumptious Gujarati Thali this Sunday afternoon in South Mumbai…..It’s a Toss up between Panchavati Gaurav and Shree Thaker Bhojanalay….probably the latter because of the ‘Aaam Rus’

Nephew is down from Auckland enroute to USA…he is crazy on a Gujju Thali….so are all of us really….but once in a while…simply too heavy….so today Sunday Lunch is ideal to have one

Checked out on the Phone what the best Thali Places in South Mumbai are offering today….

Panchavati Gaurav at Marine Lines (22084877) near Bombay Hospital…Rs 290 unlimited….No ‘Aaam Rus’ but the usual Farsans,’Kathol’,Sweetmeats,Various Rotis and Dal/Kadhi and Rice/Pulao…Vegetables for lunch today are Paneer Tikka,’Fulawar Vatana’ (that’s Cauliflower & Peas and my favourite ! ) and Aloo Rasawala…opens Noon

Shree Thaker Bhojanalay at Kalbadevi (22088035) opposite G T School…Rs 350 unlimited…with ‘Aaam Rus’ and usual farsans ,’kathol’,etc…..Vegetables for Lunch today are Bhindi,Mutter Paneer Muthia and Aloo Masala……..opens at 11.30 am     

Golden Star Thali is not lifting both their phones…so we have ruled it out

Rajdhani ,Chetana and Birla are not really up our rankings

Nephew will decide from the top two above….may want to go for ‘Aaam Rus’ and therefore Shree Thaker Bhojanalay

Both,Panchavati Gaurav and Shree Thaker Bhojanalay were very pleasant and courteous and forthcoming on the phone when I spoke with them

Want to join ?

Cheers ! 

Added Post Thali Lunch at Shree Thaker Bhojanalay at 3.30 pm

Awesome Thali at Shree Thaker Bhojanalay…..lucky to get a table on arrival….those who followed us had to wait for 15 minutes to half an hour….I’m told today was not such a heavy rush…..this Airconditioned  Eatery seats about 60 to 70 and is situated on the first floor….Often those waiting  for a table stretch to the ground floor….Everything served Quick,Fresh and Hot where it should be…The Servers seem to come one after the other in a never ending procession….all doing ‘Agrah’…that’s urging us to eat more !….The Water is Mineral…The Buttermilk is simple and fresh and not sour…thankfully no masalas….you can add the ‘jeera’ powder if you wish…you can opt for a Curd too…varied choice of Rotis served Hot with Ghee Options…’Chapatis’,Puris,Makki di Roti,Bajra Rotla….several chutnies….coriander,garlic,sweet…..two basic salads…One of tasty raw pumpkin and the other  a ‘kachumber’ of tomatoes and cucumbers ……’Farsan’ was Corn Cutlets,Dhoklas,Bhajias….three tasty vegetables…Mutter Paneer Muthia,Bhindi and Aloo Masala….’Kathol’ was the lovely white ‘chole’…..Papad and Khichda…Choice of Spicy or Sweet Dal or ‘Kadhi’……Steaming Basmati Rice or Pulao…with Ghee and ‘Osaman'( heavy ‘Lachko’…not liquid ‘Tur’ Dal Preparation) Options ! ……….Mouthwatering………Fruit Shrikhand….Moog Dal Halwa…….and the reason we chose Thakkars Bhojanalaya >  the ‘Aaam Rus’…..simply mindblowing…all of us had three to four ‘vatkis'(Small Steel Bowls served in a Thali) each…..these are the Seasons first Mangoes…in fact we parceled six ‘vatkis’ for home at Rs 40/vatki…….

…I did invite you to join me for the Thali !….and we were so engrossed in overgorging that we forgot to take a snap of the Sumptious Thali for the blog…..there must have been over 30 food items served in it !…Really am not exaggerating….Seeing is Believing but here the proof is in the Eating not in just the Seeing !

We’ll go again….and next time please do join me !

… off to Sunday afternoon Slumber land…Hope Mumbai Indians win their Opening IPL 4 Game today

Cheers !


7 thoughts on “Care to Join for a Sumptious Gujarati Thali this Sunday afternoon in South Mumbai…..It’s a Toss up between Panchavati Gaurav and Shree Thaker Bhojanalay….probably the latter because of the ‘Aaam Rus’”

  1. Thanks for the invite Sir ! I loved the place when I was there in Jan this year with a couple of friends. Superb quality and service.

    They charged us only Rs.230 each. We went for Dinner on a weekday.

  2. Hi Sir

    Any plans on taking your workshop to Delhi….

    Would be very interested if you could teach fundamental analysis!

    Would love to hear from you…


  3. Hi Manoj,

    Plans have been in the pipeline for awhile to take the Fundamental Workshop all over India,and that includes Delhi….done this before but for a leading Mutual Fund and a Broking Group…so participation was restricted to their clients,franchisees,employees and sub brokers… but need to open this out to all Investors…..if you want to speed it up then see if you can muster up atleast 20 participants….6000 each for one day intensive and 10000 for a workshop spread out over two days…my team will arrange everything at a good venue in Delhi

    Cheers !

  4. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Kindly mail me course contents and other relevant stuff so I can make arrangements to gather atleast 20 participants. Which I am sure I can arrange.


  5. shahzad jimmy vasaigara

    Hi Sir,

    I really pity myself for not checking the blog for one week now… Really wanna make it next time for the lunch!

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