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The Haagen-Daz Ice Cream Experience ~ Simply Incredible ~ Worth Dying for !

ūüôā Courtesy a Good old Friend for over 40 years now, who’s with the US MNC General Mills (Pillsbury Flour and Haagen Daz Ice Cream and other top Brands ),I was rewarded with some Haagen -Daz Gift Vouchers for a favour that I would have done anyway for a Friend

Been told by many ,who’ve tasted it overseas,of how Heavenly Haagen-Daz Ice Cream is…got to taste it yesterday at the newly opened Parlour ,bang opposite the PVR Multiplex in High Street Phoenix at Lower Parel in Central Mumbai

Simply overwhelmed by it…..Awesome Treat !…Heaven ! ~ Nothing comes even Close ~ and believe me I’ve tried them all in India ~ from the Brands to the home made hand spun to the in house classics at the leading Clubs

What sets Haagen-Daz Ice Cream apart is the source and quality of Ingredients and the making process itself ~ the right amount of Air,100% Pure rich Dairy,Nuts from Hawai,Vanilla from Madagascar and Chocolate from Belgium…the Ice Cream simply and rightly takes a long time to Melt,thus making it really a pleasurable experience ~ the density,the texture,the richness,the thickness,the blend, the taste ~ all divine !

….they’ve got 21 Flavours and three Sorbets…a single scoop is priced at Rs 180 and a double at Rs 290 and a Triple at…never mind !…these are excluding taxes !….Their Top Flavour is Belgian Chocolate….we tried out four flavours…Cookie and Cream was outstanding…the scoops can be served in a variety of ways ~ in crepes,in a waffle cone,with picola sticks,on a waffle….costing for this is separate and begins at Rs 35 ~ also with a variety of toppings that too begin at Rs 35 for each topping…so a single scoop would be an Investment of @ Rs 250 to Rs 300…The Parlour serves a variety of Cold and Hot beverages too…but my advice is to concentrate with single minded devotion and focus only on the Ice Cream and the Dessert Variations

The Parlour is staffed well and we were pleasantly surprised as to their obviously being well trained as they were courteous,prompt and best of all inspiringly knowledgable of the vast menu,explaining it patiently as we were being spoilt for choice..the current Menu Brochure itself looks superb,but the one they are launching tomorrow is a Classic ~ I thought it was a Coffee Table Book !

The New Haagen-Daz Menu ~ More like a Coffee Table Book !

Ask for it…..don’t just order from the Wall…..you’ll be stunned…I may be the first to give you’ll a peak of how it looks above !…..It’s a Chocolate and Gold Combination Hardcover ~ Beautifully Textured and Designed ~Rich & Vibrant Colour Sinful Illustrations….each Hardcover ¬†must be costing Thousands of rupees !…it’s a disdain to call it a Menu !….Imagine spending ,rather Investing so much in just the ‘Menu Card’ ! read more

IPO of Speciality Restaurants Ltd Opened yesterday to a Poor Response…Seems The Pricing of it’s IPO and at even it’s Restaurants is out of Reach of the Public ! even today the subscription level is barely just over 2%…

Issue Size 9978503 100%  
Cumulative Bid Quantity
223120 2.24%

IPO of Speciality Restaurants Ltd Opened yesterday to a Poor Response…Even on the second day today as at 5 pm the Issue was subscribed just over 2% ¬†from data culled from the BSE and NSE websites as reflected above …The Pricing is in the Band of Rs 146 to Rs 155…Issue closes tomorrow May 18,2012

Interestingly 5 Anchor Investors have committed Rs 26 crores  to subscribe for an aggregate of 1760912 shares at Rs 150 just pre IPO Opening

Expect BRLM Kotak Mahindra Capital Company to announce withdrawal of the issue …till near 7 pm no such announcement has been made…ofcourse unless they have a Plan B and C to get the Issue subscribed by tomorrow

Seems The Pricing of it’s IPO and at it’s Restaurants is out of Reach of the Public !

Update 9.10 pm,May 18,2010

Would you believe this !…till 11 am this morning,the last day of closing, the issue was barely over 5% subscribed and it closed with over 2.5 times oversubscribed !

Issue Size 9978503 100%  
Cumulative Bid Quantity
Bid figures are inclusive of optional bidding quantity
25379560 254.34%

Well Done BRLM !…interesting to see the nature of subscriptions as below that came in in every quota today !

Yet feel the Issue was overpriced….but some Mutual Funds don’t seem to think so !…they have oversubscribed on the last day ….hope everything is above board here and there is no seducing or inducing or same house as BRLM involved !…curious to know how many and which ¬†Mutual Funds subscribed so heavily today today !…

Speciality Restaurants Limited
Last updated on 18/05/2012 06:30 PM
Sr.No. Category No.of shares offered/reserved No. of shares bid for No. of times of total meant for the category
1 Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) 4108795 19237280 4.6800
1(a) Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) 4343560
1(b) Domestic Financial Institutions(Banks/ Financial Institutions(FIs)/ Insurance Companies) 1290320
1(c) Mutual Funds 12313080
1(d) Others 1290320
2 Non Institutional Investors 1760912 3863000 2.1900
2(a) Corporates 2717720
2(b) Individuals (Other than RIIs) 1145280
2(c) Others 0
3 Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 4108796 2279280 0.5500
3(a) Cut Off 1998480
3(b) Price Bids 280800
These are control totals 9978503 25379560 2.54

“Delta calling Romeo …approaching 140 fast”

“Delta calling Romeo..approaching¬†140 fast….can you forget Juliet for awhile !”

“Romeo calling Delta…affirmative….from 60 to 90 to 140 so fast !…more exciting¬†than Juliet !…target and ETA please ?¬†“

” Romeo calling Delta,repeat target and ETA please…hello Delta…hello Delta….are you there ?”¬†

Flamboyante upmarket eatery in South Mumbai…serves up terrible and atrocious service on this New Year Day

Flamboyante…it’s an upmarket South Mumbai eatery at World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade….after visiting close relatives on New Years Day and¬†where we had already been served some great food,my family yet decided to eat some lunch out…..after some deliberation we zoned in on Flamboyante…first time for all of us ,except son…had not made any reservations but were led¬†to the upper area as there was no place in the more popular courtyard area

Over an hour later we actually walked out….the Manager, Mr Sunny, profusely apologising and following us right out….”I can’t eat Apologies ” I told him¬†….Clearly understaffed for today and those who were serving clearly undertrained,our initial order was merely partially executed….even the iced tea came after 40 min after being reminded….and they had forgotten¬†to sweeten it !…..they even¬†actually forgot part of the order……..and never came to take the¬†main course order…..really !…….terrible and atrocious service…….when you vist such a upmarket eatery,you expect and are entitled to Quality Service and Food….you are paying Quality Prices !…..Sadly we were dissappointed…..am writing this off as a freak thing to happen…..but am inclined to atleast let the GM,Oswald Gracias and the Owner,Ambrish Arora know of this….as the Manager,¬†Mr Sunny said there was no complaint or suggestion Book available !….and I doubt if he will convey my oral complain to them…..he said he would check what happened but we¬†simply wished to leave so I asked him to give us the bill for the soups and a starter or two that we did consume….. he was mollified enough not to present us with onel…..Perhaps the staff was not paid any Diwali Bonus!

Arora also runs the ‘Fountain’ eatery at Fountain….where I have had some really good lunch meals when my office was located in the area……that is why what happened today at his Flamboyante,I’m writing off a freak thing to happen¬†

Would I like to return to Flamboyante!?….of course I would…their Menus boasts of some great dishes…and I would like to try them…Burmese Khowsey for one….what they did serve us today,except for the iced tea,was fairly good….I’m sure I shall be served well the next time !

But please do pull up your socks,Mr Sunny,Mr Gracia and Mr Arora….exceptions like these can become lasting adverse impressions…thankfully I shall not be forming one on this freak service today even though it ruined our New Year lunch read more

Delta Corp zooms away from Rs 91 to Rs 120 in 3 days….Happy Diwali

Delta Corp….Happy Diwali….Rs 70 + a month ago….Rs 91 just two days ago….Rs 101 yesterday…Rs¬†120 today !….Just yesterday closing picked up on client discretionary at Rs 100 and in muhurat trading saw it climb nearly 20%¬†….sold of part

Have a look at November 2010 Share Price and Volume and Turnover and No of Trades Statistics of Delta Corp on BSE…..just last three days the Volumes and No of Trades have exploded rocketing Delta Corp from Rs 91 levels to near Rs 120 levels…that’s over 30% gains in three days¬†¬†








No. of

No. of

Total Turnover














































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Happy Diwali 


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