How to get a job at Google !

How to get a job at Google

Thomas Friedman has written this fascinating piece in  New York Times which Times of India has reproduced today


Intellectual Humility….committing a fundamental attribution error… need a big ego and a small ego in the same person at the same time….Emergent against Traditional Leadership….that’s willingness to step back and relinquish power to be an effective leader….your degree is not a proxy for your ability to do any job….least important attribute is expertise…

Wow! .

Facebook trumps Google in buying out Whatsapp at US $ 19 billion…and it seems like a bargain !

Facebook trumps Google in buying out Whatsapp at US $ 19 billion…and it seems like a bargain !

US  $ 19 billion (Rs 118237 crs at US $=Rs 62.23) or thereabouts is also the current Market Capitalisation of ICICI Bank (Rs 118725 crs) or Bharti Airtel (Rs 117685 crs) or even HUL (Rs 120000 crs)……or the combined Market Cap of two Oil Companies,Cairn India (Rs 62250 crs) and Indian Oil (Rs 57850 crs)….or the combined Market Cap of the three PSU OMCs Indian Oil (Rs 57850 crs) ,BPCL ( Rs 25307 crs) and HPCL ( Rs 8189 crs) with Oil India (Rs 26915 crs) thrown in too !

Sharing and reproducing what I just read on a fb post…….

Brian Acton applied for a job in Facebook (2009), but was rejected.

He met Koum and started Whatsapp.

Yesterday Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 billion dollar (Indian Rupees One lakh eighteen thousand + Crores).

When you create a project that makes a difference is  Valuable and Unique, this is what you end up creating – History!

Some figures regarding FB and WA:
19 billion $ is big money. To understand in Indian perspective…
1 billion = 100 crores = 1,000,000,000
19 billion = 1900 crores = 19,000,000,000
1$ = Rs 62.23
19 billion $ = Rs 1,182,370,000,000
That is 1.18 lakh crore

What can be bought in how much Rs?
1 crore : A flat / luxury car
10 crores : A bungalow
100 crores : 1 village (equivalent real estate)
1000 crores : 10 villages
10000 crores : 100 villages
100000 crores : 1000 villages (a state as big as Bihar, 1 lakh sq km)

It is certainly big money.

WhatsApp has 450 million active users.
450 million = 450,000,000
Acquisition cost = 1,182,370,000,000 Rs
Cost of acquiring 1 customer = Rs 2627/- (42 $)

For just Rs 2627 (42 USD) per user , Facebook has got the following information for 450 million users which includes CXO’s, Heads of states, Politicians, Defence personnel… and also the common man:
1. Name of user
2. Users mobile number
3. His email Id
4. His location
5. Other credentials like mobile model, service provider, etc.
6. His likes and dislikes
7. His religious belief
8. Which political party he supports
9. His profession
10. His hobbies
11. His photographs
12. His health status
13. His financial status
14. His family background
15. ….. And so many other things!

A good deal indeed!

Three Hot Favourites of Three Private Leading Connected Investors & Share Brokers~all @ Rs 100 ~ Transport Corporation ~TV Today ~ Delta Corp

Three Hot Favourites of Three Private Leading Investors and Share Brokers all connected to each other ~ all @ Rs 100  ~ Would you bet on any !?  

Transport Corporation ~ @ Rs 100 ~ Radhakishan Damani  (RK) bets big on it 

On December 31,2013 in a Bulk Deal on NSE,R K Damani Group’s Derive Investments picked @ 3.5% stake => 2548900 shares at Rs 78 to inspire the surge in the Price to reach a high of Rs 109.90 on BSE on 13/1/2014….It was at a 52 Week Low just four months earlier of just Rs 44 on 3/9/2013 

The company has declared an Interim Dividend just last week

We covered it on January 4,2014 on our SCRIP WATCH Module on as linked below 

TCI @ Rs 96~Radhakishan Damani bets on it 

 TV Today ~ Rs 100 ~ A Favourite of Ramesh Damani

This is promoted by the Living Media Group led by Aroon Purie.Living Media India holds 57.11% of the Equity while Aroon Purie holds 0.35%

This is a favourite of another Damani ~Ramesh Damani (RD) ~ Radhakishan Damani (RK)’s company and he hold collectively a 2.89% equity stake ~ Reliance Capital holds a huge 12.58% stake 

The Share Price had corrected from a recent 52 Week High of Rs 129 on the BSE on 8/1/2014…A 52 Week Low of Rs 53.40 was registered on 30/7/2013

Q3 FY 14 Results are on February 11,2014

We have just covered it today,February 5,2014 on our SCRIP WATCH Module on as linked below 

TV Today Network @ Rs 100~Is the Correction from a High of Rs 129 inside a month now over?

Delta Corp ~ Rs 100 ~ Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is riding on it too

Led aggressively by Jaydev Mody,even leading Iconic Investor ,Rakesh & wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala hold 6.82% equity stake => 1.55 million shares…a few leading FIIs and Indian Institutions too are major stakeholders

Jaydev Mody and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala jointly own Horses too ~ one of them ‘Jeremiah’ ran the Indian Derby last Sunday ! ~ Jaydev also had another horse ‘Falcon’ in the race ~ both did not win ~ they should have named their Horses Delta 1 & 2 ! 

The Company is excited about their new Daman Hospitality Property that will open soon first as a Hotel and then offer Gambling Facilities too ~ they see it as a game changer with exponential growth in the years ahead

The Share Price saw a 52 week high of Rs 107.70 on BSE on 7/1/2014 and a low of just Rs 38.95 on 22/3/2013   

We covered it on December 24,2013 on our SCRIP WATCH Module on as linked below 

Delta Corp at Rs 107 ~ New Casino, New Gamble and New High Price read more

Quoted in Economic Times Today on Farouk Irani & First Leasing Foul Up

Have been quoted in the Economic Times Edition of this morning on an article on Farouk Irani of First Leasing and how this Pioneer of Leasing and his Pioneering Company fouled up

Farouk Irani, father of First Leasing Company of India, felled by hubris
By Sanjay Vijayakumar, ET Bureau | 20 Nov, 2013, 04.42AM IST

Earlier on October 26,2013 had also blogged extensively on this

The Father of Leasing in India Farouk Irani and his First Leasing are in Deep Trouble with Potential Criminal Implications

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Economic Times headlines Congress Minister Mr Rajeev Shukla and his Influential Business Links

Headline in Economic Times this morning caught my eye where they have presented Mr Rajeev Shukla as a Man in Many Roles and his Business Interests  with Reliance Group,Shah Rukh Khan and IndiaBulls

Rajeev Shukla: Meet the minister, networker & businessman 

Also observed many Reader Comments were not complimentary of Mr Shukla

This triggered off a Memory of Insider Trading in 2007 ~Nothing Personal against Mr Shukla ,don’t know him, never have spoken to him or met him  ~ but in 2007 had advised  Clients to exit Bag Films,promotedby Mr Shukla and his Wife, on Corporate Governance Issues that revolved around Suspected Insider Trading

This is what had transpired two years ago in January 2007 and there has been no Investigation or clarification,either by BSE or by SEBI,despite their awareness.

Promoters,Chairperson & Managing Director,Anurradha Prasad and Director, Rajiv Shukla purchased shares of BAG Films on Jan 3,8 and 9,2007 before the Board Meeting on Jan 15,2007 to consider preferential allotment at Rs 13 to Sameer Gehlaut (promoter of IndiaBulls).Aggregate of 611283 shares were picked up,with the bulk of 567583 done so by Mr Shukla.These shares had been picked up from secondary market purchases between Rs 9.16 and Rs 12.45

On Jan 17,2007, BSE uploads their notice for the preferential allotment on the website

Price on Jan 17,2007 crossed Rs 20 and closed around Rs 19  …Price had doubled inside two weeks and volumes exploded.From the January 2007 high of Rs 23,the share price zoomed to a high of Rs 104.90 in the same year in November 2007

Those who suffered are the poor sellers in the first ten days of January 2007 at these prices of Rs 9.16 to Rs 12.45 as they were unaware of  what was unfolding!

 Ironically the company had send BSE notices for the promoter acquisition under  Regulation 13 (6) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992  and BSE site shows these uploaded on Jan 10 and Jan 15,2007


Then from 2008 to 2012 had blogged several times on Mr Shukla’s business links with Shah Rukh Khan and IndiaBulls and others

IndiaBulls Group is BILKING INDIA say Veritas ! ~ There’s more than Meets the Eyes on both sides !

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

I’m inclined to side with Shah Rukh Khan …v/s MCA which has proposed a 5 year ban on him to enter Wankhede Stadium…and why IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla may too just side with him !

Friday, May 18th, 2012

IPL Cricket Stink…providing a link to some bluntness

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

B.A.G. Films and Media Ltd back to under Rs 13 from just under Rs 105…It had never deserved to shoot up like this! read more

Facebook Share Price is US $ 26 one year from the IPO which was Priced at US $ 38

Facebook Share Price is US $ 26 one year from the IPO which was Priced at US $ 38 ~ seems to have stabilised in mid 20s but yet looks premium value rather than fair or bargain ~ 52 Week H/L is US $ 45/US $ 17.55 with current Market Cap over US $ 63 billion

Google is at US $ 904 with a 52 Week H/L of US $ 916/US $ 557 and a current market cap of US $ 300 Billion

There are a few who feel that fb can reach Google’s current Market Cap in the years ahead ~ that’s a Five Bagger !

Had Posted these three fb ipo blogs last year

Facebook a good buy at US $ 22 ? ~ Consider these Short Term Risks

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