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Three Hot Favourites of Three Private Leading Connected Investors & Share Brokers~all @ Rs 100 ~ Transport Corporation ~TV Today ~ Delta Corp

Three Hot Favourites of Three Private Leading Investors and Share Brokers all connected to each other ~ all @ Rs 100  ~ Would you bet on any !?  

Transport Corporation ~ @ Rs 100 ~ Radhakishan Damani  (RK) bets big on it 

On December 31,2013 in a Bulk Deal on NSE,R K Damani Group’s Derive Investments picked @ 3.5% stake => 2548900 shares at Rs 78 to inspire the surge in the Price to reach a high of Rs 109.90 on BSE on 13/1/2014….It was at a 52 Week Low just four months earlier of just Rs 44 on 3/9/2013 

The company has declared an Interim Dividend just last week

We covered it on January 4,2014 on our SCRIP WATCH Module on as linked below 

TCI @ Rs 96~Radhakishan Damani bets on it 

 TV Today ~ Rs 100 ~ A Favourite of Ramesh Damani

This is promoted by the Living Media Group led by Aroon Purie.Living Media India holds 57.11% of the Equity while Aroon Purie holds 0.35%

This is a favourite of another Damani ~Ramesh Damani (RD) ~ Radhakishan Damani (RK)’s company and he hold collectively a 2.89% equity stake ~ Reliance Capital holds a huge 12.58% stake 

The Share Price had corrected from a recent 52 Week High of Rs 129 on the BSE on 8/1/2014…A 52 Week Low of Rs 53.40 was registered on 30/7/2013

Q3 FY 14 Results are on February 11,2014

We have just covered it today,February 5,2014 on our SCRIP WATCH Module on as linked below 

TV Today Network @ Rs 100~Is the Correction from a High of Rs 129 inside a month now over?

Delta Corp ~ Rs 100 ~ Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is riding on it too

Led aggressively by Jaydev Mody,even leading Iconic Investor ,Rakesh & wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala hold 6.82% equity stake => 1.55 million shares…a few leading FIIs and Indian Institutions too are major stakeholders

Jaydev Mody and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala jointly own Horses too ~ one of them ‘Jeremiah’ ran the Indian Derby last Sunday ! ~ Jaydev also had another horse ‘Falcon’ in the race ~ both did not win ~ they should have named their Horses Delta 1 & 2 ! 

The Company is excited about their new Daman Hospitality Property that will open soon first as a Hotel and then offer Gambling Facilities too ~ they see it as a game changer with exponential growth in the years ahead

The Share Price saw a 52 week high of Rs 107.70 on BSE on 7/1/2014 and a low of just Rs 38.95 on 22/3/2013   

We covered it on December 24,2013 on our SCRIP WATCH Module on as linked below 

Delta Corp at Rs 107 ~ New Casino, New Gamble and New High Price


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