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A Chris Broad inspired Cricketing Thought for Tuesday

Methinks both our Openers,Ishant Sharma in Bowling and the Debutant,Murali Vijay in Batting should thank the Match Referee,Chris Broad for banning Gautam Gambhir for one test match for elbowing Shane Watson deliberately in the field of play

With back to back Centuries,Gautam Gambhir was in prolific form and would have loved the Nagpur Track and was a strong and leading contender for the Man of the Series and the luxurious Toyota Altis Car that went with it.

Gambhir had to sit out the Nagpur Test as the ICC adjudicator also upheld the ban…..Ishant Sharma went on to take some more wickets taking his tally to 15 for the series and was declared the Man of the Series and won the Toyota Altis

Murali Vijay,in great form in domestic cricket,was inducted into the team as an opener in place of Gambhir and showed he has the technique,temperament and stroke play to make it at the highest level 

Chris Broad in trying to undo India,gave us M Vijay !

Last I heard was Ishant and Vijay funding Chris Broad’s Goa Trip and Gautam Gambhir planning to sue Broad for a Toyota Altis and Broad appealing to Toyota Kirloskar to save him by giving the Car to Gambhir too !

Just a Cricketing Thought !

I C C ..International Cricket Council….or International Cricket Cowards !?…Popularising or Polarising Cricket ?

Chris Broad,the Match Referee in the ongoing third cricket test match between India and Australia at New Delhi,has just announced a one test match Ban for Gautam Gambhir for his elbowing Shane Watson on being provoked by the latter

‘Gambhir’ in Hindi  means ‘Serious’ and such physical aggression is certainly not cricket ! It’s a serious matter….Gambhir has been earlier penalised for his Spat with Pakistan’s Afridi in an ODI…Chris Broad says he could have given a two match ban but the Umpires said that he was provoked by Watson

This Means that the back to back Centurion and Double Centurion,Gambhir will miss the Final Test Match in Nagpur…was this the gameplan by the Aussies ?

My simple observation is this…While Gambhir clearly deserves this Ban for repeated offence and that too a physical one,the provoker,Shane Watson should not have got away with a mock fine of just 10% of his Match fees

Watson should have been fined his Full Match fees ! What Say, Watson ? To steal a line from Sherlock Holmes,”It’s elementary,Watson !”…You were provoking him from the first over itself…Your reaction to Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan belting you in Bangalore included some choice expletives…you got away then.

This continuing double standards by ICC makes you suspect that something is amiss in the World of Cricket…on one hand you want to popularise the Game and on the other you are polarising it !

ICC and it’s Match Referees, like Chris Broad, are clearly discriminating between players from Australia,England,New Zealand and South Africa on one hand and the players from India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on the Other when it comes to applying the ICC Code of Conduct

It’s Australia who is not playing Cricket in the spirit of the Game…even their Prime Minister had to warn their Captain,Pointing, to play the Game in the spirit of it during the acrimonius India -Australia Series in Australia,where the West Indian Umpire,Steve Bucknor repeatedly and deliberately gave blatantly wrong umpiring decisions in favour of the Australians to enable them to win the Sydney Test…a test that they were on course to otherwise end up losing

The Australians just can’t win on the field and beat the opposing team in a fair and square manner…they need to resort to hardcore sledging and provocation and psychologocal warfare…the problem is that they cannot take any ! read more

India 444/5 at New Delhi’s Kotla Cricket Ground as Australians Capitulate

Gautam Gambhir just got bowled by Shane Watson for a superb 206 and Ganguly too did not bother the scorers too much … It’s the post lunch session and the only two Indian Wickets to have fallen today just did on the second day of the third Test Match in the four match Sunil Gavaskar-Allan Border Series… India leads the Series 1-0

Some great commentary from Mark Nicholas and Sunil Gavaskar…. Nicholas starkly states that the Australians are in a state of both mental disintegration and physical integration as a tired Brett Lee bowls a tired ball and let’s Laxman crack a four to third man… Gavaskar observes that it’s just a game of Cricket being played.. not Test Cricket… Indians are not being tested says he

Pointing has tried Eight Bowlers !, including himself… he should now go for the record and get all 11 to bowl… Hussey, Hayden and the Wicket Keeper need to turn the arm to create this record !

Yesterday Shane Watson  and Katisch went head to head with Gautam Ghambir and Watson and Gambhir are to face disciplinary hearings from the Match Referee, Chris Broad following charges laid by the Umpires, Billy Bowden and Alim Darr… Gavaskar continues to strongly affirm that it’s the players from the sub continent who continue to get the stick while the provokers from other countries get away… insinuating that in this case too only Gambhir will be penalised for deliberately elbowing Watson while on a run

Let’s wait and watch

Keep the Faith….Have a Great Diwali Week and Pray that Samvat 2065 brings back the Smiles and Cheers to all of us

Wishing all of You and your Near and Dear ones a Great Diwali and a Prosperous New Year Ahead

Keep the Faith….Your Life is Ahead of You and Not Behind

I’m confident that Samvat 2065 ( the Hindu New Year) that begins today will be better and brighter than how Samvat 2064 shaped out to be in the end

And I take this blog opportunity to thank and reciprocate to each and every one of you who greeted on this Festive Occasion through Cards,SMS,Email,Phone Calls and Personal Vists

Priority Greetings to those who send or bore Gifts !…Just Jesting !

Our Market has Expired so please don’t expect any reciprocal Gift…and if you do receive a Gift from someone,and you recognise it as your’s send to us…yes we did rotate it !…and please remember this is Festive Season and any swearing must be directed only to the Umpires for missing calling the ‘No balls’ of the Australian Bowlers in the Cricket Test Match between India and Australia that began today in New Delhi 

Keep the Faith…It will rain again after this Drought  

Cricket : Introducing Third Umpire Referrals introduces Controversies

We all know How Poor and Bad Umpiring Decisions ,sometimes deliberate and biased,can spoil a Match and often change the Course…..we all saw how Steve Bucknor of West Indies did us in when we were on a winning course against Australia in a Sydney Test match last year and how the tour was nearly called off and the Prime Minister of Australia had to caution the Australian Team to play the game in the Spirit of the Game

All this brought about welcome changes….One of them was introduced for the first time in the ongoing India and Sri Lanka Test Series in Sri Lanka…..It allows three Referrals to the Third Umpire by each team in each innings of any Umpiring Decision

The Problems that have cropped up are several….Referrals show

  • Third Umpire Bias….Dravid was given not out by Umpire Billy Doctrove for a lbw appeal by Bowler Murli and his team mates…Captain Jaywardene took his time to see the angle,walk up to the Umpire inquiring why he had made such a decision…this in itself should  not be allowed….and then asking for a referral to the third umpire….here the third umpire is Dsilva,a Sri Lankan…and as he has shown earlier too in this test match,he ruled Dravid Out when the ball had pitched outside the off stump and was spinning in and Dravid was well forward 2 meters when he attempted to sweep the ball…Doctrove had to change his decision and give Dravid Out
  • Technology is not the Final Answer…..Another Leg before Decision was given Not Out and Gambhir survived….Captain Jaywardene took his time,asked the Umpire why the decision was Not Out and asked for a referral to the Third Umpire….It was given Not Out even by the Third Umpire…but the point here is that Technology was simply not able to decide the turn… Replay showed that the ball pitched on middle and was spinning away way past leg stump…probably would have missed a fourth stump too…However Hawk Eye showed the ball would have hit Leg Stump…this was simply not possible…Fortunately Hawk Eye visuals are not allowed to be seen by the Third Umpire on a referral…..Camera angles cannot be used to gauge the spin and turn
  • Referrals should be instantaneous and not after more than a few seconds
  • read more

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