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Keep the Faith….Have a Great Diwali Week and Pray that Samvat 2065 brings back the Smiles and Cheers to all of us

Wishing all of You and your Near and Dear ones a Great Diwali and a Prosperous New Year Ahead

Keep the Faith….Your Life is Ahead of You and Not Behind

I’m confident that Samvat 2065 ( the Hindu New Year) that begins today will be better and brighter than how Samvat 2064 shaped out to be in the end

And I take this blog opportunity to thank and reciprocate to each and every one of you who greeted on this Festive Occasion through Cards,SMS,Email,Phone Calls and Personal Vists

Priority Greetings to those who send or bore Gifts !…Just Jesting !

Our Market has Expired so please don’t expect any reciprocal Gift…and if you do receive a Gift from someone,and you recognise it as your’s send to us…yes we did rotate it !…and please remember this is Festive Season and any swearing must be directed only to the Umpires for missing calling the ‘No balls’ of the Australian Bowlers in the Cricket Test Match between India and Australia that began today in New Delhi 

Keep the Faith…It will rain again after this Drought  


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