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Challenger Magnus Carlsen dethrones Vishwanathan Anand as World Chess Champion

The 22 year old Norwegian Chess Prodigy,Magnus Carlsen was crowned the new World Chess Champion in Chennai yesterday dethroning twice his age 44 year old Indian,Viswanathan Anand in his own den.Anand was the reigning Champion from 2007 to 2013

Carlsen showed his youthful exuberance by jumping into his Chennai Hotel Swimming Pool to celebrate being crowned as the World Chess Champion ….Cannot imagine Anand ever doing this ! ~ Carlsen is already popular and even idolised within the Younger Generation who play Chess   

He is the second youngest to win this Crown,the youngest being Garry Kasparov,who had flown into Chennai with his wife to cheer Carlsen for this Match as he had coached  Carlsen in 2009 ~ Kasparov was not given a formal welcome in Chennai as he was not an invited guest by World Chess Body FIDE,for which he will run for President next year ~ as he himself says “I’m here as a Chess Tourist”  ~ Kasparov is reckoned to be the Greatest Chess Player the World has seen to date

Clearly it was the Vigour of Youth that played a Vital Part as Carlsen took the World Crown in just 10 games of the scheduled 12 games Championship Match winning three of the Ten Games( Games 5,6 and 9) and drawing the rest and last one to emerge the Victor with a score of 6.5 to 3.5

Anand summed it up best when he admitted “My mistakes didn’t happen just by themselves. Clearly, he managed to provoke them”

Carlsen confirmed on Anand that “The blunders that he made are unusual”

The worry is that this was the first time in Eight World Championship Matches since 1995 that Anand has not won a single game and he may not get another chance to become World Champion ~ he has been Five Times World Champion thus far before Carlsen ended his Era yesterday ~ In fact Carlsen had placed ahead of Anand in the last eight Tournaments where both have played

48 year old British Grandmaster,Nigel Short’s Interview in Mumbai Mirror today is quite candid and blunt that no one was expecting Anand to win as in recent years he goes for Draws rather than a Win and lacks Energy now 

Nevertheless despite being dethroned as the World Chess Champion,Vishwanathan Anand remains one of the Worlds Greats in Chess

PS : 6 year old Dev Shah,a Chess Prodigy from Mumbai, saw his idol,Magnus Carlsen win from close quarters ~ he was there in Chennai at the Championship

…and my daughter,a student of Psychology, had been approached by Dev’s Mother to talk to him and motivate and inspire  him ~ she has already had a few successful one to one sessions with Dev before he went on to win a Gold and Silver at the u 7 Asian School Championships in Sri Lanka in September ~ and has received appreciation from his Family ~ Dev has a FIDE Rating of 1466 and was rooting for Carlsen who he wants to emulate and even better his record ~ “Carlsen became a Grandmaster at the Age of 13.I want to become a GM at 11”  ~ and this is great goal when Dev states this on his Idol Carlsen at the Chennai World Chess Championship ” I want to sit where he is sitting.Maybe when he is 43,I will “


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