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Coach,Kirsten has the Guts to come out and pinpoint the IPL for India’s early ouster in the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup

I’ve said it before and I say it again…There is obscene money in Indian Cricket and the IPL is simply a creation and extension of this…what with those crazy auctions and High Winning Bids for a Team  !…you’re putting a tag on a cricketer like a commodity !…and the price tag level discrepancies between players,especially from the same Country,is causing resentment among them !

There is something as “Too much of a Good Thing” and IPL is just that…It’s tempting Cricketers to play more for Obscene Money,their Franchise and BCCI and not for India !…It’s devaluing the sacred Indian Cap !

I may be harsh ,but I’m calling it like how I see it !…and I believe Millions of other Indians too see it !…Mind you,I hold absolutely no grudge against players earning well…ofcourse you entertain during the IPL…but let it not be at the cost of the Indian Cap !

Easier said than done though ! Think about it ! if you were a Cricketer and were offered a Rs One Crore Annual Contract in IPL…that’s a little over US $ 200000…you’d be a fool to reject it ! unless ofcourse you think your’e worth more !…..A Rs 20 lakh Annual Contract from BCCI to an Indian Player may then not look that lucrative !

Money appears to be a better motivator than Patriotism !….. When a Player shores up his Bank Balance with IPL Millions there is visibly  a distinct slackening in attitude,intensity,motivation and competitive spirit to earn a place in the Indian Team….A place in the Indian Team, ofcourse, would be the Icing!…but the IPL Cake is big enough !

So who’s bidding so high in the IPL ! ? Should we then blame Shah Rukh Khan,Preity Zinta,Ness Wadia,Lalit Modi,Shilpa Shetty,Neeta Ambani and Dr Vijay Mallya for India’s poor show at the ongoing ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup !?

India was knocked out from the ongoing ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup and it was refreshing to see our Coach,Gary Kirsten,come out in the media and actually confessing,that it was in his view,the IPL that caused problems for India in the World Cup and led to their below par performance….This is the gist of what Kirsten said or implied :

  • The Indian Players showed fatigue and tiredness after a month long IPL tourney in South Africa
  • Many players carried their niggles from the IPL to the World Cup

Zaheer Khan injured his shoulder in the IPl and yet played for India in the World Cup…He will now probably miss the series with West Indies beginning on June 26…Sehwag  was injured in the IPL,but yet was part of the Indian Team at the World Cup…He just could not play in any match…and had to then reveal how  serious the injury was…he was replaced by Dinesh Kartick …so you had both,our bowling and batting spearheads incapacitated for the World Cup  

  • The Indian Team was unable to raise their level of intensity,like say New Zealand,on the field
  • As Indian players were committed to their different franchise Teams in the IPL there was no contact for a month with them during the IPL

Of course expect BCCI to reprimand Kirsten for being honest !

Interestingly,our Captain,Dhoni,while apologising to the Nation for being knocked out of the T-20 World Cup,stated that being Tired was no excuse…more cricket that you play the better it is !…implying that IPL should not be blamed !…..So it’s Coach v/s Captain now ! 


2 thoughts on “Coach,Kirsten has the Guts to come out and pinpoint the IPL for India’s early ouster in the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup”

  1. Obscene money is true, and BCCI, especially under Pawar’s tenure, became a business outlet-just like WWE etc.
    Also, do you notice that other teams that are doing doing well like the windies and Lankans have not entertained any fads like having a young team-the inexperience clearly showed at crunch situations.

  2. Gaurav Parikh

    Yes Shyam,you’re a keen observer…Sarwan,Chanderpaul,Jayasurya,Jaywardene,Kallis,Yunos Khan…all these ‘old’ gunners are playing key roles in their Country’s win….clearly ‘age’ alone cannot be deciding factor…’experience and maturity and responsibility in tough situations’ are also very vital…We saw Kumble captain and bowl brilliantly in the IPL…we saw Tendulkar bat well in the IPL…so BCCI’s and Dhonis concentration on just ‘Youth’ for the T-20 has backfired….we are crunching in crunch situations

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