Connected on Linked in but Disconnected Otherwise ! ~ Who is Playing Who !?

Connected on Linked in but Disconnected Otherwise !

Linked In is all about Professional Networking ~ you’re appreciated and even envied, by Profile or Prolific Connections,some High Profile, or Endorsements or….or all  ! ?  ~ your social and interpersonal skills being  judged and ranked by whether you have just 50 connections or over 500!

And it’s quite funny when you spot a Connection at a Wedding Reception but don’t connect !

Name Dropping supported by evidence of a Linked In Connection !? ~ Of Course I know Him or Her !  Really !

Connection is just a Click  ~ hoping somewhere down the Line the Connection will Click !

Invite ? Accept ? Reject ? Ignore ?

Am I playing Linked In or is it Playing Me !?

Cheers !


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