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Connection between having ‘No Wisdom’ and an unshaven and unkempt white stubble !

It’s been a long three day weekend and I have been just too lazy to shave

Wife commented on my unshaven and unkempt white stubble….” Why is it that you have Black Hair on your Head, but your Stubble is White ! ?

She answered it herself, rather tongue in cheek, I might add, “You seem to be following the “Bottom Up Approach” and Wisdom has yet to reach your Brain !”  

Very Funny! My Dear!…but thanks for atleast recognising I have one!… Just Last week you dismissed me, saying “You have No Brains!” when I wrote your Name on my arm and showed it off to all !….. After all it was you who provoked me to be inspired by the Love and Passion that Saif Ali Khan demonstrated for Kareena by tatooing her Name on his arm !…. What did I do wrong ?.. You had made me erase ‘Kareena’ when I did exactly what Saif had done !

I tell her, that with this state of Markets it’s more of a ‘Bottoms Up’ Approach… the ‘s’ in ‘Bottoms’ makes that huge difference and it’s not to say ‘Cheers !’… it’s more a  ‘Ghazal’ling Blues sort of ‘Bottoms Up’

Let me tell all of you ! Marriage is the Only War where you have to sleep with the Enemy !


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