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Consider Performance of Stock Selections to consider joining Scrip Sanctuaries Advisory Plans

Many have been enquiring on the Performance of  Stock Selections and have been considering to join us as Clients

Thus,for those who may have just academic interest or actionable Interest to join our Advisory Plans we have just posted the Performance on my company website

Have a look at :

Life Changing Multibaggers Record 

SCRIP TEASE ~ Our near 100% Record on advising you Stocks that will Strangle and thus to Avoid 

Inspiring Performance of Our 10 SS Selects Diwali Diyas 2013

Performance of Our Current Recommendations

Clearly Speculators,Traders and Investors have all benefited and are now looking to alpha-light their Portfolios from this Diwali to next and beyond with some more SS Select Series & Other Ideas in our Specific Modules SCRIP SELECT,SCRIP SCRAMBLE,SCRIP SPRINGBOARD and NETWORK NOISE

What are you Guys,Brokers and Corporates waiting for ! ? We,at Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors Pvt Ltd,  have Fundamental Annual  Personal and Web Advisory Plans to suit all Investment Needs and Objectives and Profiles and Portfolio Sizes

Joining our Personal Plans allows you to interact with my team and me for Portfolio Reviews,Rebalancing and Repositioning and Suggesting appropriate  Selection Exposure and Weightage and also for Advice on Tactical Short Term Strategies  for the Potential of Quick & Significant Gains 

Joining our Value  Web Plans gives you web access to our Paid Modules depending on which Plan you join but no interaction with us

Check out these Plans here =>Scrip Sanctuaries : Protection Plans from the Wildlife in this Jungle of Indian Equities

We even have a Win-Win Proposal for Brokers,Sub Brokers and even Other Advisors where they enroll their Clients on our Advisory Plans and get a commission for doing so and also see their Brokerage Income rise when these Clients act on our Ideas through them  

We Operate from our Corporate Office in South Mumbai at Elphinstone House, Fort, Horniman Circle….just above Starbucks and Croma

Interested ? or need more info,clarification and guidance on which Equity Advisory Annual Plan will suit you please connect with me at [email protected] or +91-9820162597

Just a word of caution….we do not guarantee even one percent of returns and if it’s  Day Trading, Heavy Regular Derivative Play or Short Term Ideas based on Technical Analysis Approach then our Service is not for you 

Our Approach is Fundamental and even Contrarion when strongly Indicated…some of our best Gainers have been when we have made contrarion calls ! and  Ah !  yes we do endeavour to provide a suitable Alpha Thrust Exposure in your Portfolios after considering your Risk Profile   

Looking forward to welcoming you’ll on our Scrip Sanctuaries Advisory Plans 




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