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“Corruption is our Birthright “….I’m Amused…but I’m Not !

What’s Integrity to an Opportunity !…across the spectrum from Agriculture to Business to Utilities to Sports to Social and Public Services to Government Spending to Banks and Brokers….scams abound

Our Nation has plunged into a Morality Abyss…we need to rebuild our People and Institutions from fresh…because Corruption,Communalism and Criminality are so deeply embedded in our psyches that they are now our mindsets….we need to be purged…we need to be reborn 

“Corruption is our Birthright”…seems to be our mantra…..Big Corruption gives birth to Baby Corruption….and Baby Corruption grows Big….and the Cycle continues….and children of Politicians become Politicians…and their children in turn….

Big Corruption…..ABC…Adarsh/A Raja….Bofors…..Commonwealth Games……with Ministers proclaiming and defending action saying they were only following precedents and policy and procedures laid down by predecessors !…Blatant & Brazen Loot….Heaven help us ! 

Baby Corruption….Poilce and RTO…had an interesting conversation with a Mumbai Traffic Poilceman…”I’m willing to lay down my Life in my Line of Duty….but who’ll lay down Life for these corrupt MCs & BCs that we have as Commissioners in our Senior Police Force !”…the guy was sadly and badly demoralised…In another instance RTO Tout ,in cahoots with those inside RTO,asked for Rs 500 to simply delete the Bank Financiers name from the Car Registration Book after Loan was repaid and Bank had given an NOC….refused …so my Man was made to come four times to the RTO for this simple job…under pretext that some document was missing,or the counter is closed for the day,or that the work will take a day more…..   

That Big Corruption is more wrong  than Baby Corruption can be argued on Scale but not on Concept…Corruption is Corruption…Period….Today you’ll do it for Rs 100…Tomorrow you’ll do it for Rs 100 crs ! 

Self Regulation works only where Morality is intact…so we need External Regulation…but by appointing pliable Heads even these Regulatory and Investigative Agencies become compromised…End Result is that there is no quick and fair punitive action to serve as a strong deterrent….there always seems to be a way out !…and a price to be paid for it !  

I’M AMUSED…….. to see Congress and BJP bantering on Media Channels….Winter Parliament being stalled 14th day in a row….suspect they have both secretly colluded to this gameplan so their scam skeletons remain uninvestigated….BJP wants a JPC into the 2G Scam….Congress says “No” stating that BJP has no moral right to demand this when they have a tainted and corrupt Karnataka CM yet serving… why can’t a common citizen with Morals simply bypass a corrrupt Legislature and Bureacracy and approach the Judiciary to appoint an independent and untainted judge to investigate this 2G Mother of All Scams !…ironically our law won’t let this !……….but I’M NOT AMUSED to hear Manish Tiwari,the Congress Spokesman,sickeningly defend Congress day in and out like a stuck record and hitting out punches all the while at BJP…this man’s on serious intelligence crutches…he thinks we are too !….I tend to mute him or change channels when he’s barking…nothing personal….Congress has now reinstated Abhishek Sanghvi again as Spokesman….they had removed him earlier as he had represented as lawyer a corporate entity not close to the Party in a court case      

I’M AMUSED… see the Media Channels go hammer and tongs,and rightly so, at all those suspected of Big Corruption and Involvement in Scams,but downplay their own Media Brethren involved in this in some influencing capacity and roleplay…am referring to the Nira Radia tapes….but I’M NOT AMUSED to see this same Media sell Space to vested Interests to make their Point across Media…might as well legalise Prostitution and Betting !

I’M AMUSED……to see our Environment Minister,Ramesh, aggressively defend the Environment,and rightly so,first against the Aviation Ministry and it’s Minister from NCP, Praful Patel on where the New Mumbai Airport is being mooted…and then against the upcoming Lavasa City in the Western Ghats for flouting Environmental norms in which the Agricultural Minister,from NCP,Sharad Pawar has a vested interest…..but I’M NOT AMUSED to see Ramesh do a u-turn with Patel…and I suspect will do a u turn with Pawar too…..perhaps again a collusion…first get aggressive and raise environment issues to assuage public anger…then do a u-turn once some clarifications come in !…ultimately Environment and Tribals and Diversion of Water Resources be damned…the new Mumbai Airport and Lavasa will both be created as envisaged by these NCP Ministers with their Corporate Stooges…who’s patronising who !   

I’M AMUSED… how one time blue eyed boy of BCCI ,Lalit Modi of IPL Fame or Ill Fame ! has run away from India under the excuse of threat to his Life…..but I’M NOT AMUSED at how BCCI and ICC  Head,Sharad Pawar and Modi’s Power base at one time,stays silent and takes no punitive action on the Match Fixing by Pakistan Players….Perhaps worried about the “Pot calling the Kettle Black! “…so how deep is this rot ?…and there has to be an Indian Involvement…and you cannot even ‘RunOut’ (pun intended as RunOut was a way to fix matches where little suspicion would be raised) these guys ! 

I’M AMUSED…at how painter MF Hussain keeps professing his great Love for India while staying away from it for fear of being arrested for the criminal cases against him for painting Nudes of Hindi Gods under the guise of Creative freedom….would have given him the benefit of doubt had not I suspected this was a deliberate and subtle act of provocation…..but I’M NOT AMUSED at his becoming a Qatari….he’s raised issues of ‘Vatan’ too now !…..Responsible Creative Freedom thrives in a  Democracy that’s India…and it will also in an Arab State as long as you respect the Religon,Ruler and State 

I’M AMUSED….to see how our Democatic Process of law allows Mumbai 26/11 Captured Terrorist,Kasab yet to be convicted for now over two years…but I’M NOT AMUSED to see our State Ministers vist him to inquire about his Health !  

…and as this Joke going around gathers momentum and strength….our Clean and Well Respected PM is surely answerable to 2G….SoniaG and RahulG 

…and I suspect no one really cares or bothers whether I’M AMUSED or I’M NOT AMUSED !

Cheers !


4 thoughts on ““Corruption is our Birthright “….I’m Amused…but I’m Not !”

  1. Hi Gaurav,

    Very good post – but the part about MFH stopped me in my tracks. At the outset let me say that I am *not* a great fan of Hussain’s work. I know of many, exceedingly talented, artists who never got the same level of fame and fortune during their lifetimes – like his contemporary, K.H. Ara for instance. But that is no reason for me to vilify him or support those who vandalise anything related to his work.

    He has done absolutely nothing new – our gods and goddesses have been portrayed in the nude for many centuries (and don’t even get me started on Khajuraho/Karnak/Lonar etc!). The best part is, these paintings were done in the 1970s when we lived in a more liberal India… where the arts were free even if our economy was tightly closed. These paintings only became an issue during the 90s when our conservatism and communalism were at their peak.

    So, he’s become a Qatari citizen. How is this a big deal? If he’s persona non grata here anyway, why do we want him back? For a court case that will have to be dropped in a couple of years when he kicks the bucket? The man is in his 90s already!

    And once he goes, the value of his paintings will shoot through the roof faster than the Sensex could ever do! So BUY! If you can afford the damn things in the first place! 😉


    P.S. You need a much bigger text box for long comments like this one! 😉

  2. Forget Manish Tiwari.. Jayanthi Natarajan is the most annoying spokesperson.. constantly in denial and living in some utopian world.. def not in India!

    Anyway, the first step to fixing any issue is awareness and the fact that all this corruption is coming out in the open is a good sign! Because it doesn’t mean there was less corruption before, only that it wasn’t exposed as often.

  3. Yes Manoj,if you ticked India as the answer where the ‘Black Sea’ is located,you would have been right !

    What a lovely long response VJM…loved it…I’m pretty much a ‘Live and Let Live ‘guy….am on your wavelength…but do check out my blog of March 7,2010 where i covered MF’s NDTV interview…it gave him away….Oh! and I know a guy who owns 30+ MF Paintings !…his late father had began patronising MF even before he really became famous….this guy promoted two listed companies which he badly mismanaged and ran them down…only recently revived through writing off capital !…Oh! and he’s pretty thick with Mukesh Ambani…see him cheering at every IPL Match that features Mumbai Indians !…while his shareholders continue jeering him !…sitting on devastating loss….Cheers !

    Yes,Arzan…the relentless Media expose on Corruption is certainly intensifying the Awareness

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