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Critical Criteria for Equity Selection : Will the Company Exist in the next 1,2,5,10 or beyond years ?

As Share Prices move towards Distress and even Death levels don’t Buy into Companies just because the Share Price looks Cheap !

Alright ! So Futura Polymer at Rs 7/8 and NEPC at Rs 8/9…and Oh ! how does one leave out the Big Time Punting Scrip of HFCL below Rs 10 !…all look inviting at these prices..Were not all three of them over Rs 40 just some time ago!

Many Companies of BSE’s over 6000 listed Companies remain listed purely to play with Investor Greed during Bullish Times…We’ve had some tragic precedence on this and also the case of Vanishing Companies and also those who conveniently get suspended or  even delisted by simply violating Exchange Listing Rules by not Complying with either paying Listing Fees or sending in Quarterly Results…Balaji Galvanising for instance 

When Evaluting any Equity Investment it would be wise to Investigate the following in the same order as below

  • Quality of the Promoters and Management…Integrity,Domain Expertise,Reputation,Competency
  • Business Model…Viewed in Light of the LPG(Liberalisation,Privatisation and Globalisation) Era we Operate in
  • Financial Performance and Projections
  • Valuation

Notice,Valuation Exercise comes in last…..If you cant trust the Promoters,how can you trust the Company’s performance?…even if it a stellar one….Silverline,G R Magnets,Lok Housing all come to my mind….Mind Boggling Incredible Performance…but simply not credible ! 

Do a Simple Test too…Will the Company Survive into the next year or two or five or Ten and Beyond ?

How does one Simply do this ?….Does the Company have  Service or Product that satisfies a genuine and Long lasting Consumer Need ? Is the the Quality good enough to counter competiion to gain some  market share ? Is the Business scalable?

Ask these questions and you’ll find it easier to make your Investment Decision with some comfort level

Hundreds of Companies have conned the Investing Public,especially in new booming sectors of Finance, IT,Food and Biotech....Indusmin Food,All Seasons Food,Parakram Technofab,Damania Capital Markets to name just a few…many had entered the markets with IPOs at vulgar and obscene premiums

While you ofcourse Invest in Equities for Higher Return on Money,It’s prudent to also consider Return Of Money Scenarios 


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