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Currency Bundles agitatedly presented in Lok Sabha by three BJP MPs as Proof of Buying MPs by the UPA Alliance to win the Trust Vote

Hey Guys ! How can you blame Ekta’s Serial Plots which are brainwashed on us through various TV Channels…..there is enough inspiration available…look at what transpired just now in the Lok Sabha !….Three BJP Members opened up a bag and exhibited for the whole world to see the Currency Bundles that were given to them to buy their Vote or abstain from giving one at this evening’s Trust Vote to save the UPA Government

This is what I say….last evening the Media showed us how our PM,Mr Manmohan Singh,walked towards the Cameras and to a question posed ,said emphatically that if there is any proof of Cash having been paid to buy Opposition MPs then let the Opposition provide proof !…He should have realised that this would Invite Big Trouble….This is exactly what happened…as if on cue you had the three BJP MPs,two from Madhya Pradesh and one from Rajasthan literally producing the Proof in the Lok Sabha !….stating that they were given an advance of Rs One Crore which they flashed and were promised Rs Three Crores each by the Samajwadi Party !… you will have even more charges and uncouth language exchanged between our elected representatives and leaders

The UPA Alliance says this is a big gameplan premeditated and preplanned by the NDA Alliance as they had realised they would have lost the Vote….they should have informed the Speaker in advance about this and not flashed it like they did…Mulayam Singh says it’s a BJP “Shadyantra” and the BJP MP Ashok Argal who flashed the bundles should be immediately arrested and the Small Bag and Bundles tested for fingerprints…also how could such a small bag hold Rs One Crore!……reminds me of when the Late Harshad Mehta held a press conference to disclose that he had given a bribe of Rs One Crore to the then PM Mr Narsimha Rao …at that time too there was doubt as to how the money could have been fit into a suitcase!

The NDA Alliance wants the PM to resign .They say this is JMM 2

What more can I say !? The PM asked them to show proof of Corruption and BJP had done so…I’m not even shocked by the way it was done…it was inevitable in this slugfight of a trust vote….now the ball is back in PM’s Court to prove that this proof is merely planted proof…as Lalu Prasad screamed that these BJP MPs must have gone back home and got this money from their own homes

PM,if you wanted to win here…then you should have stayed true to your nature and kept silent instead of taunting the BJP to provide Proof of corruption.

Interestingly the Tapes and CDs referred to by the BJP Leader,Rajnath Singh which will expose the UPA Alliance’s under the table means to buy votes,  are with CNN IBN and they are disclosing on their channel that they do have such tapes and CDs,but in their wisdom will not air them but will give them to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha……These have not been edited or doctored………This is a serious issue

The Trust Vote is in Jeopardy as is the N-Deal…will the PM get to deliver his speech after which the Trust Vote is scheduled.The House convenes at 6 pm,just half and hour away from now 

Watch the Entertainment on News Channels….especially CNN IBN who has these tapes



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