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Darling Daughter is now Delightfully 18 today

It’s a Lovely Sunday today with Darling Daughter Kunashni attaining the Beautiful Age of 18……Kunashni means ‘Good Deeds’ and forms  Part of a Parsi Prayer…..and she certainly has lived up to her name !……Of course she has her moods !….she’s a Thinker !…..and her taking Psychology in the Science Stream has increased her Intensity of  Thought that much more !…….It’s been a warm,exciting and proud journey with her so far as she excelled in both Academics and Extra Curricular,reaching heights in Academics (INSPIRE Science Award by Govt of India + TIFR Brain Camp Team Trophy for best Research + Other Inspiring Awards in School ),Gymnastics (State Level),Football (State & India Level) to mention a few….all the while retaining her humility and genuineness and winning much appreciation for such qualities with all wishing that she always retains them as they will always be her greatest achievements !

Her Journey of Life has just really begun as she strums along (she sings and plays the Guitar) and sets out as an Adult to forge new friendships and new adventures and new accomplishments and overcome hurdles and challenges that she will inevitably face in her quest to create a Life with a Great Purpose

She’s been a great Inspiration for me too….and along with  my Son and Wife  is my Lifeline !

Love her !


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