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Demonetisation:GDP & Real Estate & Sensex affected~For how long?Attend the Workshop

Would Love to have you at the Fundamental Workshop in Mumbai on Saturday,December 3,2016

Stock Selection ~ Value vs Price ~ Positioning for 2017 & Beyond

🙂 It could turn out to be the best Investment in 2016 that you made for 2017 & Beyond !

Demonetisation : GDP & Real Estate & Sensex affected ~ For how long ?

What is more compelling right now ? ~ Opportunity in Equity or the Significance of Disciplined & Astute Asset Allocation ~ Would depend on how Aggressive or how Scared you are ! ~ or as wryly stated how Wise or Foolish you are ! ~ In the context of Investment,Trading & Speculating do you react or pro-act rationally or irrationally,impulsively or with reasoning ? Do you Sweat ,not because of Global Warming or Warm Weather,but because you’re in losses ? Discover your Risk Profile & be True to it

For answers to this & much more do take the opportunity to attend the Mumbai Fundamental Equity Full Day Workshop on Saturday,December 3,2016 .Click below to register online

Stock Selection ~ Value vs Price ~ Positioning for 2017 & Beyond

Q 3 FY 17 GDP is expected to drop below 6%  & Full Year FY 17 GDP will drop sub 7%.Sensex is already correcting sharply after Demonetisation was announced to Shock & Awe on November 8,2016.

Sensex opened 2016 at 26100 levels & dropped to 22500 levels early in the year before  smartly racing up over 30% to 29000 levels.On November 8,2016 it closed at 27591 just before Demonetisation Drive was declared  & launched at midnight.In just eight trading sessions Sensex corrected to wipe of net gains of over 6.5% in 2016 .In the Ninth session today,November 22,106 it recovered to regain 26000

=> Is Demonetisation just MAFA ,that’s Mistaking Action For Achievement & it is just Remonetisation ?

=> Will Sensex test its 2016 low of 22495 again in the short term or the current post Demonetisation announcement correction has already discounted the impact significantly & it will stabilise & turnaround from here to cross 30000 next year ?

=> Real Estate Stocks have slumped over 25% already .Will they slump a lot more when Physical Real Estate actually corrects by an expected 25%?

=> How do you Position for Wealth Creation through Equity in this Flux of Demonetisation & Donald Trump’s Truimph in the US Presidential Race & an Inevitable Fed Rate Hike coming up  that is affecting all the four legs of the Equity Table~ Liquidity,Sentiment,Momentum & Valuation?

=> Stock Valuations vs Share Prices ~ Thrash or Turnaround Treasures ? Opportunities or Continuing Threats ?

Do attend the  Mumbai Workshop on Saturday,December 3,2016 for insights through debate & discussion on the above & much more that should enrich your mind & monies with the diverse views and position for 2017 & beyond  on any conviction that you may develop and strengthen

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🙂 Reiterating that it could turn out to be the best Investment in 2016 that you made for 2017 & Beyond  !

See you on Saturday,December 3,2016


6 thoughts on “Demonetisation:GDP & Real Estate & Sensex affected~For how long?Attend the Workshop”

  1. Hi Gaurav,

    With dollar at a 14yr high and the prospects of fed rate hike in Dec likely. Expecting a great buying opportunity in precious metals. Could you kindly write a blog on the coming Trump effect on US economic factors and Gold/Silver.


    1. Hi Tushar…will be covering the disruptive effect of both the D’s,Donald & Demonetisation this Saturday at my Mumbai Workshop…do try and come

    1. Hi Prasad…just did one there in September….December is a packed schedule … in early 2017 if you can rustle up @ 20 participants there for any Saturday or Sunday(need to check with me on availability of weekends) then we can arrange one there again…let me know…otherwise would request you consider attending the Mumbai Workshop this Saturday….Cheers,Gaurav

      1. Thank you for the reply Guarav. I’m travelling to bangalore for holidays, will be there in december. Enroute I am reaching Mumbai day after your workshop.
        I will update you if I can gather atleast 10 particiapants for a day session in December. I follow your blog reguarly, I strongly recommend your course to even exeperienced investors, a lot of practical knowledge to learn from the vetaran of the industry.

  2. I have a query here..if the real estate prices have any affect due to demonetization..big cities like mumbai & delhi still on the same path of high per square feet charges…is there a way it can curb anytime in the near future..i don’t see demonetization has helped in this.

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