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Dhoni Bashing because he’s not Bashing !

Last Night I stayed up late to see India play their first Super 8 Match ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup Match v/s West Indies

I saw our Captain, Dhoni performing brilliantly….. but not on the field of Play ! but in the ‘Aircell’ and ‘Reebok’ Ads that were continuously being peppered on the TV Screen between Overs and Wickets ! 

We lost  

Come on Dhoni !… of 1200 Million Indians,there must have been atleast 100 million glued to the TV watching you… when you failed to perform, yet again in recent times, the Ads that you appear in turn counter productive for both you and the Product you’re pitching for…. more so if they appear time and again during your losing performance ! 

What happened !?… I could see what was happening sitting at Home !… and you were right there on the Field of Play !

  • You scored 11 in 23 Balls
  • You know Bravo loves playing the Inside Out Shot… it fetched him several fours… Yet you had Ishant Sharma defending that area between Long Off and Cover… He rarely dives… merely chases the Ball… You should have had Raina, Rohit or Yuvraj there
  • Irfan bowled just Two Overs and had given just Nine Runs.. You never brought him back… Instead Gave Ishant to Bowl the 16th Over
  • You got Harbhajan, who had one over left to come and Bowl the 18th Over… and gave Zaheer, who had Two left, the 19th Over… Who was to Bowl the last !?… If you were relying on these two, you should have got Zaheer, Harbhajan and then Zaheer for the 18th, 19th and 20th respectively !
  • You muffed two run outs by failing to gather properly behind the wicket… keep your eye on the ball, not on Bipasha as you race her in the Reebok ad!

You had taken ‘Panga’ with the Media over Sehwag Issue and were clearly carrying the Burden on the field

Come On Dhoni !… You need to get your Winning Act together… You’re normally cool and pretty astute and possess a keen cricketing sense and killer instincts…. Let’s see some of it man !… you’re a Match Winner… but let it not be for the Opponents !

We need you to beat both South Africa and England now for a chance to enter the Semis



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