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Dhoni’s decision to Bat first this morning is simply disgusting!…Offers Australia the Series on a platter with this !

Dhoni wins the toss and choses to be ‘Brave’ and Bat as Shastri very kindly put it…We had to simply negotiate the first Ten overs…Did we !? After 10 we are 27 for 5 !

On a Humid early morning Gauhati weather, where there was dampness on the pitch,we should have played safe and our bowlers could have exploited the morning conditions…the ball is swinging beautifully…Praveen Kumar would literallly have had a ‘Ball’…he’s swings both ways…Even Gavaskar opined in his Pitch Report that the dampness would have made it a ‘Bowl First’ Pitch

Instead,Dhoni elects to bat first and has literally gifted the Series to Australia ! Inexplicable and unacceptable !

I simply cannot understand why he keeps making such fatal errors!…We’re down 2/3 in the seven match series,having lost the last match which was really ours for the taking…we needed 19 in 19 with four wickets and lost the match !…mentally screwed up ! 

Mitchell Johnson,came back into this ODI and pitched up and castled,both Sehwag and Gambhir in his first over !…Camera panned on a grinning,not just smiling,Sehwag in the Players Box after he had returned to the Pavilion ! What’s so funny !?

Dhoni is out there with Jadeja to try and salvage the situation of his own making !…My advice is to play it like a Test Match now !…Play out the 50 overs….Am I being too harsh on him !….Why should I not be ! You play safe…It’s tactical..instead you try to be smart…methinks he’s being oversmart!…trying to be different just for the sake of it !just hope we can put up 175 atleast to defend !…and it would be a miracle if we can square the series 3 all from here

Too many in our Team are taking their place for granted…drop them for such inconsistency and repeated non performance in crunch matches….Yes,they may be match winners alright but I would prefer Consistency in Performance rather than score a century in one out of Ten matches and manage to retain place and be mediocre in the remaining nine!

Wonder what I’ve got to do this Sunday Morning to save it from being ruined by Dhoni’s decision to Bat First !   


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