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Does Midcaps running like Madcaps give you Stress !?

🙄  Does Midcaps running like Madcaps give you Stress !?

😈 They are running up like crazy intra day and intra week to give you 10 % to 50% gains inside a week !…many sound companies have run up 4 x to 7 x just in 2014….one has run up 9 x in 9 months !

😥 So does this cause stress !?

:mrgreen: Probably for those who are not riding these gains !

😆 but let me offer this consolation ~ there’s stress even for those riding these gains !

😉  Now don’t ask me if  my clients or I’m stressed ! and if so, why ?

🙄 Those not in Equity or Not Enjoying Equity need to reconsider their Approach to Equity

😎 Definitely be in Equity  ~ in Direct Equity for sure ~ unless not being advised well then through Equity Schemes of Mutual Funds

😆 A young under 30 aggressive profiled IT Yuppie with a big MNC is excited after achieving a 155% return inside two years on his direct equity portfolio  while the Sensex has run up  9000 points or 46% in this period from levels of 19400 to levels of 28400….on fundamental selections & without any Derivative play too ….now he is bend on losing his freedom and get married !….I’m sure it wont affect the returns going forward !…probably increase them 🙂  

😎 Cheers in expectation of a great 2015 !


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