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Don’t Miss the Opening Ceremony Live Tonight of the London Summer Olympics 2012

Don’t Miss the Opening Ceremony Tonight of the London Summer Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012 ~ Tower Bridge with Olympic Rings at Night

Live Broadcast begins 1 am Indian Time tonight ,July 28,2012 ~ covered by ESPN, DD National and DD Sports


2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss the Opening Ceremony Live Tonight of the London Summer Olympics 2012”

    1. Hi Jatin,

      Orchid Chemicals is currently languishing at Rs 108 at a low Market cap of Rs 770 crs against over Rs 2000 crs early in 2011 ~ I originally discovered this gem at Rs 15 to Rs 30 in the mid 1990s after I read an interview in the Business World and I put a lot of faith in Raghuvendra Rao and his Cephalosporins ~ going off patent success and forecast non linear profit growth ~ it became a multibagger ~ Now after transferring its huge generic injectables business in 2009/10 there was a question mark on future growth ~ 2009/10 had seen a record Rs 331 crs net profit on account of the larger Business ~ the Company sought to squash such apprehension with a solid 2010/11 performance with remaining and new business thrusts notching a Net Profit of Rs 159 crs and an EPS at Rs 22+ ~ it was unable to repeat this in 2011/12 and profits dropped to Rs 103 crs and EPS to Rs 14+ ~ I could not quite see what the major strategic shareholders Poonawalas of Serum Institute continued to see in Orchid after the sale of the Injectables Business in 2009/10 ~ Share Price had reacted strongly down to Rs 150 then and Cyrus Poonawala came in a rare chat on one of the Stock Channels then and said he had faith in the company and the price would recover ~ It did quite smartly too in 2010-11 but then has been on a spiral down in 2011/12 so far on underperformance ~ Let me have a look at the latest 2012 Annual Report among other inputs to see what the Company’s excuses are and how it defends itself and assess whether Orchid can recover from these 52 week lows of Rs 108 ~ Its 2010/11 Annual reports boasted of ‘Aiming Higher’ and ‘Dream,Dare,Do’ and shift in Business Strategy from ‘Supply Push’ to ‘Demand Pull’ ~ On a Lighter Market Note we could observe that clearly the Supply Float had pushed Demand Down and pulled the Share price Lower !

      Currently Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals is not our Portfolio Selection under any segment or risk profile

      Cheers !

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