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Easy to be a cynic when deprived of sleep !…had predicted last year Sensex will drop to 16000…Now What ?…Should I become positive again and predict higher levels from here !?

My Wife and I’ve been up till past midnight till early dawn most nights these past few months…before your mind conjures heavenly thoughts on what keeps us awake,let me quickly deflate any such conjectures !….it’s completely work related

And it’s easy being a Cynic when deprived of sleep…so do pardon me here

Saw and Heard our Cricket Captain Dhoni last night after we,the Test Cricket Champions, were thrashed 4-0 in the Test Series in England…..”We did our best” claims Dhoni….Really !….wonder what would have been our worst !…is there something in Test Cricket losing by Two Innings !…and yesterday was Day 5 of the last Test match and we were quite comfortable at Lunch at 200 odd for 3 ,having scored 87 runs in the morning session in 30 overs without losing a wicket….still adrift by 60 odd runs to make England bat again….Then what happen post lunch that we lost seven wickets and lost by an Innings and 8 runs !…..I’m truly Fixed….was this Fixed ?         

Slept at 2 pm,got up at 5 am as an outstation guest was leaving….dropped off daughter and her friends for football at 6 am…saw a Standard Chartered Bank Ad on the Bus Stop at Marine Drive ‘We are here for Progress…We are here for Good’…Whose Progress !…and is there any doubt on being here for Good that you have to assert it !….Inside Voice yelled at me ” Don’t be such a Cynic !”

And to top it ,Wife thought I was being a Tuesday Cynic…..She wondered what must I have seen in her if I am such a Cynic !….”Less Flaws than other Women !” I innocently remarked……That did it !….”You’re an MCP!” she asserted….I have decided to return to being the Positive Person I am and take this to mean  as ‘Most Chivalrous and Courageous Person’….and in line with this I think I should positively predict a Higher Sensex from the current 16000 levels….Should I ?

Cheers !    


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