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Edelweiss forecasts a Nifty bounce back by 25% to 5000 this quarter

The Nifty closed at 4040 today.One of India’s leading Brokerage Houses,Edelweiss, expects a 25%  surge to 5000 by September 2008.It prefers to see the India Glass as Half Full in it’s latest India Strategy Report !

Wise or Unwise but Edelweiss has committed this forecast.

Sometime ago I had the pleasure of training their two batches of  young new recruits in the Valuation of Equity through  BSE…I asked them what “Edelweiss”meant and if the word rang any bell…Some knew that it was a rich white flower standing for purity but none knew that “Edelweiss” is a magical song from the Classic Movie “Sound of Music”…I even sang out the chorus for them….Oh! alright so even I thought at first that ” Black Eyed Peas ” were spoilt Peas !…so let’s pass it off as two generations catching upwith each other !    


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