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Enjoyed Rediscovering National Television today….Deepak Chopra & CISF & International Sufi Festival in Amritsar

Enjoyed Rediscovering National Television today...

Deepak Chopra & CISF & International Sufi Festival in Amritsar… 

Deepak Chopra was answering questions posed by India’s Youth in Hindi & English…

~ on how  children & parents should communicate ~ through mutual respect,being  good listeners to absorb both views,not focusing to prove each other wrong,sharing values ~ otherwise you will get beligerent ~ if you have a goal then get the parents on the same page to achieve it

~ don’t focus on weaknesses ~ if you are not good at Maths your parents will hire a Maths Tutor ~ but your mind is always on Tennis or Dramatics ~ pursue what you love for when you win the Wimbledon or Oscar you can always hire an MBA or Accountant to do your Accounts ! ~ don’t do things on societal expectations

~ How do use the Inevitable and Happening Change through Technology and Social Media effectively for good and not get destroyed or distracted by it because now apart from your ethinic and religious identity you also have a global one

~ how a Conscious Mind cannot Multi task and one has to be Mindful to focus on one task at hand to do it effectively ~ be mindful of what you’re doing and do it right

~ How Leaders are totally present when interacting with you and not distracted & how they have strong self esteem and are not worried by what others think of them and how they are truly friendly and full of warmth

~ how you need a quiet and creative and intuitive mind and not just a positive mind because a positive mind is the same as a negative mind in  that it creates stress ~ if you are asked to concentrate on your breathing for two hours,you will get stressed out doing so after awhile and not able to do it 

~ Attention,Appreciation & Affection : Concentrate on these while interacting by being a good listener,learning from others and being genuinely compassionate and loving ~ it will make others happy as well as you

~ without vulnerability you cannot love ~ and love & happiness are the ultimate goals ~ as Rumi,the Sufi Poet so eloquently expressed it ” If you are not naked go back to sleep !” ~ you need to be completely open to absorb

~ the right person for you is when you reach the third stage that is communion when the person accepts you for what you are and says ” It’s ok to be flawed ~ so am I” ~ only then will follow true intimacy,sensuality,ectasy and passion

~ how he manages time  daily ~through exercise,meditation,sleeping well,writing at least two hours a day and communicating daily to  all those he loves ~ “I never Stress or Multi task and I have no toxic habits ~ i left them back in college”

~ I Live what I write ~ got to be in that atmosphere ~ I go to Israel and stay when I’m writing about the Jews ~ When I write about Islam I go to the Arab States and when it’s about Buddha I visit Bodhisatta in India ~ I feel I’m not doing it ~ it’s being done

~ Keep asking your Heart these two questions ” Who Am I?” and “What Do I want?” ~ never force it out ~ let the thought,sensation,feeling or image come out

~ write your story ~ if you go to see a movie,it’s boring if there is no thrill,adventure,romance,triumphs and tragedies ~ you write your own story with you being the actor,director,choreographer and even villian ~ because even the Villian is what you dont want to be or like and your likes and dislikes are the mirrors reflections of you

~ Even the worst of Violence has a context and unless you know it you cannot have an answer to the problem ~ the context could be historical or rooted in economics ~ when basic needs like survival,safety,success,self esteem are not met these issues erupt

~ Evil can be fought only with a rise in collective consciousness ~ social media facilitates this

~ All experiences are by contrast

~ You cannot get rid of Terrorism by declaring a War on It ~ that’s an oxymoron 

The documentary on our CISF was an eye opener ~ how they gallantly and successfully thwarted a Naxalite attack in the Nalco Explosives Depot at Damanjodi hilltop,Orissa  and how they are entrusted to secure even our Airports today ~ Salute this Force

The International Sufi Festival in Amritsar explored Sufism with distinguished Sufi practitioners from Turkey,Bangla Desh,Pakistan and India beautifully expressing Sufism through Poetry & Prose  ~ with a lovely sentiment being expressed that Amritsar itself was ‘Amrit’ and probably the only City created to abide by the wishes of a Guru who laid the Foundation ~ “If Sikhism is the Tree then Sufism is the Roots !”   





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