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Enjoying conducting a whirlwind series of Training workshops around India currently for a leading Mutual Fund

It’s Been a Hectic schedule and I’ve nearly missed connecting flights!….I’m on a series of Training Workshops entitled ‘Focussing on Fundamentals to Add Value to a Client Relationship’ all over India for the IFAs of a leading MF

Began with one in Mumbai…..just returned from Pune,Delhi and Lucknow and will be soon off to Bengaluru…to steal a line from ‘McDonalds’..”I’m Loving it”

Interaction was great with the IFAs….and it was fun showing and convincing them that it was not necessary that Equities and Cynicism be  strongly intertwined !….Even before I began my Lucknow Sessions,a lady emphatically stated that whatever I was going to say,she does not believe me !….for a fleeting second I imagined it was my wife saying this!…set up the Lucknow Day beautifully…Opening Batsman being greeted with a dangerous Bouncer !

Workshop Arrangements were very good….was particularly impressed by the Pune Venue…The 110 seater Sumant Moolgaonkar Auditorium at the MCIIA Complex,ICC Towers….Auditorium Settings with comfortable Seating….with State of the Art Audio Visual Equipment…overhead projector,remote controlled huge pull down screen with laser pointer capability and a seperate sound studio…set up my Presentations beautifully….I had to catch the 7 pm flight to Delhi and it was pouring in Pune!…could not tele or web check in as this facility closes one hour before the flight !…managed to reach Lohegaon Airport in time to check in,clear security and board……. takeoff was on time despite the Heavy Rains

Flew Delhi -Lucknow early morning…Delhi Airport has got great facilities…was a bit early so had a South Indian Breakfast at the Food Court…and was served another South Indian Breakfast inflight!….had a bad experience with the Checked In Luggage…when collecting the Bag in Lucknow,realised there was a deliberate blade induced slit on the outside Zip Pocket and a crude ripping of the Pocket material itself…it stored only Paper Tissues….obviously the baggage handlers at either the Delhi or the Lucknow Airport were the culprits…this is not an uncommon occurrence in India  

Lucknow was preparing for CM,Mayawati’s huge Monday rally….the controversial newly errected Monuments and Statues were lit in Blue Lighting….nearly missed the flight back to Mumbai in the Evening….the Workshop Participants showed great Intensity as I covered concepts and content and the Practical Applications and there was flowing interaction….will our Sensex touch 21000 in 2010 ? Will Different NAVs,Diversification,Corpus Size make any Difference to MF Scheme Performance and in your selecting which MF Scheme to Invest in? What’s Improper Framing? What’s Reinvestment Risk?How do you convince clients to enter Equity Schemes? What’s ‘Value’ and ‘Price’?….answered these and and lots more

Interaction continues by email from the participants….Looking forward to Bengaluru now

Cheers !


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