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Enjoying delivering Internal Training Workshops for one of India’s Largest Broking Group

Just returned from the Gujarat Leg of Workshops…Being fairly fluent in Gujarati,my mother tongue too, really helped as most of the interaction was in Gujarati……It’s been a gratifying and satisfying and enjoyable experience to have conceived and conducted Internal Training Workhops for one of India’s largest broking group…Completed Five and some more to go in North and South India

The Two day Workhop focuses on Grasping Fundamentals to add Value to Client Relationships and covers Time Value of Money,Valuation,US Economic Crisis,Indian Budget,Market Dynamics,Investment Gurus and their approach,Investor Mistakes,Logical Thinking,Integrity,Insider Trading,Hedging, and the Security Analysis and Portfolio Managment Process…It’s aimed at Relationship Managers,Associates and those that deal directly with Clients..either advising them,executing their deals or simply representing the firm with them

Several Concepts were examined…’Beta’ being an interesting one….How Aggressive players,Valuers and Hedgers use it despite it being debunked by several,including Warren Buffett  

It’s really been fun interacting with a wide spectrum of Men and Women,both young and old,who aggregated their emotions and experiences in the workshops to liven the proccedings

Yes,”P” from Mumbai,your ‘Praj’ has worked !…It’s up from Rs 57 to Rs 79….you did say your target was Rs 75 ! and that too within 15 days !….All I advice you is to assess and then take the Risk by distinguishing Momentum and Valuation

And yes “Mrs M ” from Vadodora,I’m glad you conveyed that the one significant takeaway for you from this workshop is that ‘Value’ and ‘Price’ are two seperate issues !

And “Mr B” from Rajkot,you’re brain is surely a whiz one when in comes to Number Crunching…you were computing even faster than I was !

And “Mr U” you said the Sensex will touch 21000 by 2010 !…Now you know,why this looks fundamentally improbable…it would need a favourable play of all three…significant earnings momentum,better PE rating and a quantum jump in Liquidity,especially FII Inflows….Quite Unlikely

Oh ! and thanks “Mr V” for suggesting I drop the “Cheers” Glass from my blog photo and even the Slides Photo….You will notice there is no Glass Now !…Happy !? Now,as you had feared, no one should feel that I’m doing all that I’m doing for a peg of whisky !      

The feedback I’ve received is very encouraging…clearly there is more thirst for Knowledge….and interestingly the Vision Statement of this Group states that ‘Knowledge is the Driver,not Capital’

I gave out interesting and relevant Books and Movie Cds to participants who interacted well or came out tops in quizzing etc…I’m sure it was not just the ‘Moment’ that caused the participants to vie with each other for these…..but those that got the Books actually will read them

Most Participants knew ‘What’ to do but needed guidance on ‘How’ to do it

Like I always state “Academics without Action and Theory without Application is useless’ 


5 thoughts on “Enjoying delivering Internal Training Workshops for one of India’s Largest Broking Group”

  1. Gaurav, your comments on coming elections and emergance of professionals as Independant candidates like Meera sanyal, Gopinath, mallika sarabhai…

  2. Hi Madhu,

    I salute these Independent Candidates…they are not rebels nor are they contesting merely to split votes…They are well educated and recognised professionals

    They genuinely believe that this government has failed on all fronts…communalism,criminality and corruption….they are contesting to raise their voice and goad other like minded to raise theirs too

    However sadly they have a small chance of winning…Politics in India is party based…I have seen many Independents begin strongly at grassroot levels only to dilute their independence later by joining or allying with other parties…In this coalition era,role of Independents gets emphasised

    Have a look at this sad success ratio of Independents

    Year 2004 1999 1998 1996

    Contested 2385 1945 1915 10636

    Won 5 6 6 9

    Mallika Sarabhai says she will ask tough questions in the Lok Sabha…now there are 5 Independents,soon there will be 25,says she….Sadly their contesting will be merely symbolic

    As far as calling the outcome of these elections,I’m not a psephologist…but it’s clear no single party will get a clear mandate…so pre poll and post poll alliances will determine who rules us at the Centre…and if this coalition is not Congress or BJP led,we’re in for tough times

  3. Hi Gaurav,
    I had been away for a while and am catching up with your interesting postings. Being an academic, I fully endorse the last sentence of this posting about academics and action. In management education especially in subjects like entrepreneurship development this can never be over-emphasized. I taught this course and feel impressed by academicians like David McClelland. Here in Andhra he is remembered for the phenomenal success-rate of his EDP’s in nurturing first generation entrepreneurs. Also, it is nice you did away with the wine-glass photo of yours-I for one thought it did not look in place there given the fact that you are a well-meaning Gujarati like Bapu! And also that you share a fascination with me for the monk Robin S Sharma!!

  4. Hi Shyam,

    Nice to hear from you again…Well Meaning Gujju ,yes…Bapu,No !

    May’s going to be another travelling month for me…First week,Pune…second week,Lucknow..third week,Ahmedabad…there is a south leg planned too…May include Hyderabad or Vijaywada or Bengaluru and Chennai or Trichi

  5. Hi Gaurav,
    That’s a nice reply. If your itinerary is including Hyderabad and Vijayawada I like to know! Vijayawada-Guntur is my native place and Hyderabad is my karam-bhoomi! And our new batch of MBA at ICFAI starts only in June!

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