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Entertaining Interlude between Cricket Commentators,Arun Lal and Gavaskar

India and Sri Lanka were battling out there in the field in the second ODI this Saturday and in the Commentary Box we had Arun Lal battling the chuckles of Gavaskar !

It actually all began when Ajantha Mendis tore his shoe from one of the Spikes area…the camera panned on the huge sole of Mendis prompting Arun Lal to comment that Mendis had large feet,just like some Bird (he took some name)that he had spotted at a Game Lodge

A few minutes later,the camera panned on the very pretty Amrita Rao,our Bollywood Actress She was part of the ‘Victory’ Movie entourage that had gone to Sri Lanka for the premiere there…Movie is about Cricketing Aspirations…..this prompted Arun Lal to comment that he was told that this is Amrita Rao…Gavaskar began chuckling and Arun Lal inquired why…Gavaskar stated he was amused at the way Arun Lal had put it “I’ have been told that this is Amrita Rao….!” Gavaskar wondered how Arun Lal knew Birds of one kind and not one’s of another !

It did not end there…Arun Lal recognised actor Gulshan Grover next to Amrita Rao but when the cameras repeatedly focussed on Harman,the Hero of the Movie ‘Victory’,both our commentators were quiet,not knowing who this Hritik Roshan look-alike guy was perhaps !….and it was hilarious that the cameras were frantically trying to cue the commentators on this ‘Hero’ by panning their cameras to the advertising Board of Hero Honda,focussing on the Word ‘Hero’ !

Cricket Commentary can be great Fun !…and Gavaskar is well known never to miss a chance to pull a leg ! 

By the Way,India won this second ODI to take a 2-0 lead…’Victory’ has apparently flopped…both Cricket teams,who were scheduled to attend the Movie ‘premiere’ in Colombo,gave it a miss


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