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Equity Wealth Management Mentoring at NSE ~ A Long but Absorbing Saturday

NSE Equity Mentoring Workshop
NSE Equity Mentoring Workshop

It was a long but absorbing Mentoring Saturday,October 8,2016 at the NSE BKC Boardroom with the graduates of the Exchange’s 11 month long Wealth Management Program…Fundamental Equity Sessions ,with the latest stats too as of Friday,October 7,2016 & real time online support too covering Market Dynamics,Macros & Micros,Oil,Gold,Leading Rates :Inflation,Interest & Exchange,Union Budget & Economic Reforms,Global Headwinds,FPIs,Valuation,Buffett & Lynch,Beta,WACC…..loads of Company Illustrations….right from 9.30 am straight past 8 pm (5.30 pm was scheduled close) with Tea/Coffee Twice served ongoing & only a break for lunch nearing 2 pm

Interesting to see middle age participants with one even close to 50….all with interesting backgrounds….told them Age is just a Number….and they’ve asked for more ! :-)…two of them who interacted well with me were rewarded too…the participants themselves decided who deserved this

Proposed to NSE already earlier to have a Practical Three to Six Months Fundamental Equity Certification Course conceptualised and conducted by me on weekends to translate Theory to Application & Academics to Action…This Proposed Course should considerably enhance the practical knowledge & therefore confidence & conviction levels of those taking it by leading to their increased marketability to potential employers & clients and even better proprietary performance.

Last Month in Bangalore did a successful one day one open to all….should see such in Mumbai and other places too in the coming months and early in 2017

Happy Dassera to all



4 thoughts on “Equity Wealth Management Mentoring at NSE ~ A Long but Absorbing Saturday”

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Don’t follow MFs & hence don’t cover them as a matter of personal belief that Direct Equity Investing is a better route for gains…However do concede that most don’t have the research & temperament & conviction capabilities to go directly & MFs are therefore relatively a less riskier route to Equities.MFs offer various Equity Schemes,Balanced,Diversified,Theme or Sector based.It follows that if the Theme/Sector plays out brilliantly it is those schemes based on them that become Outperformers.These are relatively more risker than Balanced & Diversified Schemes & may appeal to more aggressive investors .MFs also offer Passive Investing Schemes through Index & ETF Funds as well as Debt Funds that invest primarily in Debt Instruments.With Interest Rates falling,Equities have been a huge seducer last few years and MFs have achieved record new accounts and Inflows as our Sensex crosses 30000 again & Nifty surges to a new all time high past 9200

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