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Exciting iPSC Stem Cell Technology~Autologous & Allogeneic

This Morning  this brief news release on breakthroughs in Stem Cell Research caught my attention

It also added two words to my vocabulary ~ Autologous & Allogeneic in this regenerative medicine space

The Japanese Shinya Yamanaka who won the 2012 Nobel Prize for his research on stem cells has created a new exciting approach termed as iPSC Technology…that’s induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Any human cell can be genetically reprogrammed to an embryonic state

In US there have been ethical concerns on the use of embryonic stem cells .However,Yamanaka’s research allows for the use of adult cells 

Here are some interesting extracts :

“The use is now autologous: meaning the cells were taken from the patient, engineered then returned into the same person. The company is working on allogeneic cells – that do not depend on using the same patient’s cells—so that some day these products could be bought off-the-shelf.”

“We can regenerate using a 70-year-old’s skin cells and make them iPS cells that are virtually zero years old. What we thought of as science fiction is now becoming a reality.”

“has the potential of setting off a medical and industrial revolution,”

Leading Pharmaceutical companies,most of them globally listed, are now adopting iPSC cells along with the traditional animal model for research & clinical tests for drug development & trying different therapies for those “afflicted with everything from Parkinson’s Disease and diabetes to spinal cord injuries and heart disease.”

Stem Cells already find autologous application in Skin & Cartilage replacement & Research is on to to address many diseases including Cancer & growing various organs,beginning with the liver using iPSC Technology

Regenerative Medicine has the Potential to be a US $ 120 b industry by 2030 & Japan has opened out regulations quicker than US in this space & it is where leading scientists & companies are heading.Japan feels this space will be one in which they can give the world another Innovative Industry & regain & maintain economic power

Re-engineered Stem Cells & their Application based on  iPSC Technology ~Interesting Investing Theme


1 thought on “Exciting iPSC Stem Cell Technology~Autologous & Allogeneic”

  1. World of medical research is racing ahead – and before we know we might have human clones. Therapeutic cloning in all probability is just the baby step in this direction…

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