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Exciting Times Ahead for Indian Equities….Sensex Downside 20500 while Upside Very Strong !

ūüėÜ Exciting Times Ahead for Indian Equities….My Sense computes the Sensex Downside at 20500 from the current 24700 levels and an exciting ¬†Upside in the next few years !

As Narendra Modi and his  NDA Team are sworn in by the President as PM & Ministers respectively on Monday,May 26,2014,our beloved Sensex too will swear into a new Era !

Play the Sensex or Nifty or Selective Stock to Beat the Indices….whatever !…but do stay Invested in Equity…..Initiate & Increase Equity Exposure to ride the Bull next few years

Apologise I have not blogged for over a week !…it was exciting Work Overload post Elections outcome on Friday ,May 16,2014….Midcaps were…are… running Madcap and Wild !…and while the ride is exciting have to make some tough calls to exit at quickfire 10% to 50% returns or hold ¬†for more in the coming weeks and months and which scrips to move into !….gave a SS 1 Select last week and two SS 2 Selects too

……. ūüė• after having received a thumbs down a few weeks ago from a ‘was’ client in Bangalore even after a 50 %+ return inside six months on a suggested Equity Portfolio for Rs 50 lakhs because he was not convinced enough and failed to act on it ! it ¬†was heartening to receive a genuine testimonial this week ¬†from another ¬†client in Sangli ¬†with an Equity Portfolio of under Rs 10 lakhs that can only serve to motivate

” Dear Gauravji,

 Thank you very much Sir for your wealthy advice.  While joining your advisory service there was little bit hesitation in my mind whether to spend Rs.30000.00 for the service or not.  But now there is no confusion or hesitation in my mind and i can say that i have not spend the money but i have invested the same and you have rewarded me lot more.  Only in one scripe (GATI LTD) you have already returned me the fees.Since 2006, i am in the stock market but never earned this much profit. 
Currently holding following scrips recommended by you and riding the gains.  Please inform at which level to sell.
Thanks a lot once again Sir. ¬†“
Well what can I say ! except ¬†” Thank You Sir ! for the Appreciation ! “…we do our best…it’s up to God the rest !”
…and I am sure the Markets will remain kind !



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