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Exposed to EMR in Mumbai because of Proliferation of Mobile Cell Towers…Scary

Scary…I live in Mumbai….just saw ‘Headlines Today’ broadcasting a joint survey with Tehelka on Radiation Fears in Mumbai because of the Cell Towers….Tolerant levels are 600 milliwatts/sq meter…but in many areas the level is high at over 4000 !…especially around top hospitals…making patients more vulnerable to just than what afflicts them

Just a few months ago,the media had reported the uncanny incidents of Cancer Cases on several consecutive floors of Mumbai’s famous old skyscraper,’Usha Kiran’ on prime Carmichael Road in South Mumbai…Affected Families blame the radiation from a Cell Transmission Tower on the Building opposite….i live a few minutes away from this building…but not in direct line of the radiation…some consolation !…Scary

The Health Hazards intensify as years of exposure go by…over eight years of EMR exposure may lead to life threatening Brain Tumours….even a few years of exposure may result in short term memory loss,headaches,loss of appetite and sleep disorders

Scary…there are over 1600 unauthorised Cell Towers in Mumbai…that’s over 50% of the total towers in Mumbai…..Price we pay for being Mobile 24 by 7 with strong signals and minimum Voice breaks or cutoffs


3 thoughts on “Exposed to EMR in Mumbai because of Proliferation of Mobile Cell Towers…Scary”

  1. sir atleast ur living in a city and getting exposed.In my native village just near by my house reliance tower is there.i dont know whether i have the right to deny such tower installations near by my house.bcos i am very happy about my village purity except this tower.please if u know anything about this inform me

  2. Gaurav Parikh

    Hi satheesh….Radiation from Towers is an accepted fact…I’m sure the Company has measures to contain this within permissible levels….you can verify this with an independent check from an external agency through a simple hand held meter……however prevention is better than a cure and therefore to err on the side of caution is not erring at all !….I agree that the Village landscape will be impacted by any foreign structure like the Tower….Villages should ensure it blends in with the landscape…it’s a price one pays as our country modernises and connects through wireless mobile technology…in this regard a sensible developement has been the sharing of mobile towers by multiple service providers…imagine ten towers in your village for ten different providers !

  3. sir generally i look ur blog,then valueinvestorindia,etc sometimes i used to think what blogs websites people like u will visit if any really useful like yours please mail me.To be frank i like ur blog very much.Definitely u wont understand my happiness

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